2015 Free Primary Pack

Hellooooooooooo! For those of you who may have been wondering,

I have always said that my family comes first and foremost --- 
which has definitely been where I have been putting my focus the past 6 months!

Between family, other fun and exciting projects I am starting, 
and sometimes the occasional shower, I will be starting to slowly get back into blogging! 
I miss you friends! 
While I won't be able to post as frequently as I did in the past, 
keep an eye out for new posts and ideas!

I decided to break my hiatus with these fabulously fun 2015 Primary Theme Coordinates!
Just to set the record straught - I am UHbsesed with the new theme! 
I love that we get to teach our children about the Savior this year! 

Hope you and your primary enjoy these free downloads! 

I have had a number of you emailing me  with some great questions
so I thought I would use this post to share some answers!

While I appreciate the positive feedback on my designs, I put a lot of time and effort into
creating and sharing these files! In return I ask that you please do not alter or change
my design in anyway (including translation). If you are interested in a design alteration
or addition, you can make a request through my Etsy site for a small fee!

I am actually a self-taught Graphic Designer! I am currently using Adobe Illustrator to
create all of my designs!

Feel free to contact me through my Etsy Site for custom Primary Binders!

Simply Click the links below to download these adorable binder covers, posters, and tags!










I thought I would share some additional custom designs I have created for others through
my SHOP!
Again, these designs are custom, and therefore, not free for download 
(please look for other free downloads elsewhere on my blog). 
If you are interested in purchasing similar designs, please contact me!

How perfect are these 2015 primary monthly theme posters!
These ADORABLE posters are intended to be displayed throughout 
the year to display each month's primary theme and scripture. 

These are the PERFECT primary classroom door signs for 2015! 
Easy-to-use, just press print! You can also laminate these beautiful designs 
to use over and over throughout the year as your classes change! 

These GORGEOUS and modern are made custom for YOUR primary! 
When I create them I will add YOUR ward name displayed at the top of the classroom sign
 and YOUR classroom names (no extra charge included for additional classroom names!)

Free Easter Printables

Friends, I've got spring fever! So in honor of the changing season -
I have created some free Easter prints that are being exclusively featured at BASICALLY FRANK.
Yes, I am quite excited about it!
You should check out the Easter Brunch they put on with the prints!
Absolutely adorbs!

Remember how I said I am working on some new collaborations?
Well one of them is with BASICALLY FRANK.
These girls and I go way back - like we are talking training bra days way back.
They are some of the funniest, down to earth, girls you will ever meet.
I was head over heals thrilled when I saw they started a blog!
They all have their own unique talents and do a great job of sharing them with their readers!
If you need a little girl power in your life, be sure to follow along with their blog!
I am excited to be sharing some of my free prints with them each month!

Come Follow Me: Why do we need the Book of Mormon?

I realize I practically say this every month- but seriously - April already?
I don't think time has ever passed so quickly in my life than this time with my new little babe!
Cherishing every second over here!
I have been working on a lot of fun new projects and collaborations this month which I am excited to share with you soon! 
So keep an eye out! 
I am still planning on creating new handouts as usual for the month of April on the Restoration & Apostacy!
They will be coming to you slowly throughout the week! Thanks for your patience!

First of all- wasn't General Conference killer this weekend!?
My goodness... there was some gooooooood stuff, man.

This morning I was listening to some of the talks again and also read the lesson outline for,
I really felt inspired, I felt really inspired!

I thought about how I could make reading the Book of Mormon more meaningful in my life?
As I thought about all the time I put into preparing for General Conference (IE:pray beforehand,
 make sure there are no distractions, take the time to write down some meaningful questions beforehand, 
write down notes and inspiration as I listen, go back and review past notes after, etc.)  
I thought to myself...
"Why am I not making my scripture study as meaningful as my preparations for conference!?"

I decided to create a 7 day challenge for myself to help me get the most out of my scripture study each day. 
I am happy to report- so far, so good! - 
Honestly, I have really seen a difference as I take time to prepare beforehand.

As I created this challenge for myself, I thought it would be something the young women could also use!

Below is a printable for a "7 day Book of Mormon Challenge"!!!
The purpose of the challenge is to help the YW make reading the Book of Mormon more meaningful,
 help them learn to apply the teachings from the Book of Mormon to their lives,
and help them come up with a study plan for the future (after challenge is complete).

The challenge is designed to start Monday-Sunday.
You can print off the designs below, cut them apart, and staple them together to create a little book/pamphlet for the girls.
Each day the young women can flip to the day of the week, and write down their feelings and thoughts.
It also gives them some prompts on how to make the most of their scripture study.
At the end of the week the idea is that their testimony of the Book of Mormon will be strengthened, 
and they will have a desire to continue with their study of the Book of Mormon in the future!

You can download a PDF copy of the Book of Mormon Challenge by clicking on the links below!
I only provide PDF files, as the quality is much better for printing purposes
and I prefer the integrity of the designs not be changed or altered. Thanks for your understanding!

Click HERE to download

Oliver Aitken: Month Five

Our little boy is growing up too quickly.
 I'll admit that at times I still worry about missing anything he does.  
I am definitely guilty of staying home more than anyone should admit. 
But he's just changing so quickly. 
The other night Brett and I flipped through some old pictures from the past five months and we could hardly believe our eyes.
It's like the changes  happened over night. 
As much as I miss my snuggly newborn, every stage becomes my new "favorite."
 Lets be honest though - every stage is amazing. 

This month I would describe Oliver as very curious and alert.
Although I have noticed he is pretty shy in public. Funny at how that happens at such a young age.
But around the house he is a little spit fire and does not want to sit still.
No more snuggling for us. 
I live for those moments where he falls asleep in my arms. -
 It is rare, but my goodness I love snuggling him close.

Oliver has finally decided solids aren't so bad.
This improvement has made me feel like a new person - I'm telling you! It's in the small things!
He grunts and kicks out of excitement when he sees a spoonful of rice cereal coming right at him. 
He tries to grab the spoon and shove it in his mouth by himself, so I have to pry his fingers off.
He has quite the strong grip I tell you!

He is the most happy in the morning.
He usually doesn't cry very hard when he wakes up and 
when I go into his nursery he is just swinging his legs up and down against the bed in excitement.
The second I pick him up he reaches up and touches my face.
I swear he knows how to kiss as he puts his mouth against my cheeks when he grabs my face.
But that is probably just my own imagination.

He has a new found love for being outside and loves when we go on walks.
Thankfully it has been super warm and we go on 2-3 (45 minute) walks a day - Usually right before nap time.
He is so alert as we walk around and tries to soak in all his surroundings.
I absolutely adore watching him explore and learn about the things that are happening around him.
Such a curious little boy.

Can we talk about this face for a second?
Bright brown beaming eyes.
A huge gummy grin with drool dripping down.
Yes, he is our little miracle.
I am also certain he has my eyebrows.
Bless him.

I say it all the time, but I wish there was a pause button.
I get weepy thinking about how quickly the past 5 months have passed. 
Never has time passed so quickly.
Please someone invent the pause button- and make it snappy!

General Conference 2014 Reminder

Nuff said.
It seems like general conference always rolls around the corner when I need it the most! 

I decided to create a simple handout that could be used for young women, RS,
visting teaching, or primary to encourage them to prayerfully watch General Conference!

Last conference I did a "nautical" idea (found here), and this time I decided to do an Oreo theme
(maybe you can guess what sweet treat has been on my mind as of late? ha)
I figured the following tags could be paired up together, or you could use one or the other!

The awesome quote comes from Elder Hales talk,
which I would totally recommend reading before next Saturday! 
I felt so uplifted and inspired as I read about how I can make the most of my general conference experience!

As usual feel free to use and share my handouts! 
You can download a PDF file for both the front and back of the handout below by clicking on the links. 



Young Women Activity: A Girl's Guide Away From Home

We recently had a really fun Laurel activity that I thought I would share!

Our Laurels decided they wanted to have an activity to learn about meal planning.
A few of them are going to be graduating soon and will be off to college (sniff, sniff) 
and thought it would be a valuable skill to know.

I'll be honest, as I racked my brain at how we could go about teaching this skill I was totally stumped!
There is SO much you could teach to the girls - but seriously how do you do it in an hour!?
As I sat thinking about my own meal planning and college experience, 
I thought about the many times I would frantically call up my mom for help as 
I was trying to cook something new or needed help while I was out grocery shopping.

Oh, I can just hear it now...
"Mom! What is the recipe for....?"
"Mom! It's burning! What do I do now!?"
"Mom! How do I know which pineapple/oranges/avocados are ripe!?"
"Mom! How am I going to survive on just Ramen noodles!?"

Anyways, this sparked the idea of creating a little index card holder for the Laurels titled, 


The idea was to create a card holder for the girls to keep all their favorite recipes as well as tips from mom!
Each girl brought 3 of their favorite recipes to the activity to exchange and we made these cute little flip books.

I created labels and space to keep their favorite recipes organized, 
and at the back some simple tips to help the girls with things like, 

"How to plan healthy meals on a budget"
"How to pick a good one (produce)"
"Affordable food items under $2.00"

The cards were held together on a metal ring so it would be easy to access 
(also more cost effective than a binder).
It was designed to fit standard index cards, so the idea is that the girls can continue to easily add to it over time!

The girls honestly had such a blast with it, and even wanted to have another activity where
they brought back their "guides" and swapped recipes again!

Attached below are some of the printable we used for the activity!
Feel free to share and use any ideas!

Be There

As a new mom, I can't help but think about the way I act around Oliver and Brett.
My mind has been overwhelmed lately as I think of the importance 
of the glorious calling of being a wife and mother.
It's exciting. It's scary. It's overwhelming - all wrapped in one.

One thing that is constantly on my mind is REALLY being there when we are together. 
Not just letting Oliver play alone when we are home during the day...
or being on my phone while he does his thing...
but really being there - in the moment. 

I don't want to look back and regret that I spent too much time texting 
or being on facebook or instagram instead of being with the ones I love.

I'm not a perfect by any means,
and I certainly have my moments where I take these days for granted,
 but I'm really putting effort into loving every single moment. 
It goes by too fast...so cliche, but so true. 

Here's to living in the here & now - cherishing the present.

Be All There 5x7 Download