We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
It sure has been a wonderful Holiday season! 
More than anything, I have LOVED not having to go to work
 and knowing that Brett didn't have to be at school or study.
 It has been wonderful relaxing and spending time together.
 Here are some our favorite highlights from our Christmas...

We were blessed to be able to spend time 
with the Aitken and Cosgrove family this Christmas. 
We spent Christmas Eve and morning with the Aitkens. 
We loved being able to spend time with them, especially 
Gary and Michelle. They are such good examples to us 
and we enjoy any opportunity we get to be with them.
It was really fun for Brett to be home for Christmas eve for
the first time in three years!
 I also made my first pair of Christmas Pajama to wear
 Christmas eve and morning (a tradition I hope to do each 
year for our family). 
We then spent Christmas day with the Cosgroves.
 It was especially wonderful to be able to go to church 
as a family. It was really heart warming to look at my
 Dad all teary eyed as he looked down the bench and
 saw all of his family there. He is so sweet and loves us 
all so much. Watching my Dad's reaction was 
sweet reminder to me of the spirit of Christmas. 
After church we went home and opened presents.
One of our favorite traditions is opening 'sibling' gifts. 
I think we were all very touched when we opened Caitlyn
and Cade's gifts. Each year they both save up their money 
to buy us each presents (this year, Cade even saved some of his
 birthday money to buy us gifts.... I don't know how
 much more selfless a 13 year old could get) 
We always try to do the "draw name" thing in our family, but they 
always insist they want to get everyone a present. 
For me, it is a reminder of the importance 
of the spirit of giving. I am always so touched by their 
selflessness and thoughtfulness. 

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. 

Some of our other favorite highlights from the holiday season include...

Sleeping late in the morning and knowing that we have
 no responsibilities but to RELAX!

Looking and ranking lights with Cade 
(we found 3 houses that we ranked a 10,
 and even one that Cade found that was a 20!)

Going to the new Mission Impossible....saweeet!

Brett has a friend from France visiting so we took him 
to see temple square and to do a session! It was a 
really neat experience and really fun to watch his 
friend light up at the sight of the temple.

Playing games and eating a lot of great food!

Starting to think and set new goals for the new year.

We hope that everyone has been enjoying their holiday season
so far! We love you all and hope you also have a

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