The Influence of Righteous Women

What can I say....I am a blessed girl. 
Much of that has to do with the woman
 in my life who have blessed me with their examples and their faith.
There is nothing as life-changing as a righteous women.

I am a living example of someone who has been touched 
and affected by the influence of righteous women.
 I have been thinking a lot lately, how lucky I am to have such 
wonderful sisters and an amazing mother.
 Each of them are so accomplished, so talented, and so faithful. 
They are powerful examples of good.
They are charitable and full of love for those around them.
They are selfless, they are kind, they are motivated.
They stand up for what they believe and never back down.

Carley, Caitlyn, and Mom... You are my examples. You are my heroes. 
I look up to you more than you will ever know.
 I am so grateful for your righteous examples in my life.

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