First Sewing Projects

I have been quite excited lately!
 For Christmas I asked Brett for a sewing machine.
 Do I sew? No. Do I even know how? Not really. 
Growing up, my mom has taught me that double 
stick tape can fix anything:). 
Anyways, lately I have really wanted to take up sewing.
 I didn't think there was anyway Brett would get 
me a machine for Christmas,
 (due to my background with sewing, or lack there of),
 but boy, did he really surprise me! 

It has been a blast playing around with the new machine. 
So far I have made a really cute new scarf, and a some
 really cute pillows for my couch (I am a LOVER of fun 
and random pillows).I was especially proud of my "A" pillow. 
The backing is a cute chocolate corduroy and the front is a nice
 soft linen. I actually cut out the "A" myself out of a
 nice felt-like material, and stitched it on the the front of the pillow.
 Not bad for a beginner if I do say so myself!
 I am looking forward to a lot of fun little projects in the next little bit! 


  1. Adorable pillows, Courtney! It's fun having the sewing bug! Are you on Pinterest? There's really fun and cute pillow sewing ideas on there. I'll invite you from FB. xo

  2. So cute! I got a sewing machine for Christmas too :) I didn't have room to bring it down to school though so hopefully when I go home for the summer I can figure it out. The pillows look great!!

  3. Those are the cutest pillows I have ever seen!!! I'm glad you enjoy your Christmas gift. I love you Courtney!!!