Continue in Patience

Oh how I just love the simple sweet moments I get to spend with Brett. 
This past weekend he came up to visit (only 3 more weeks until he 
finishes his internship and gets to come home... wa hoo!) 
Nothing too extravagant was planned. Just a simple weekend. 
We spent the majority of our time relaxing and laughing together. 
On Saturday, Brett and I had a really simple night. We found ourselves
 sitting at our kitchen counter on Youtube watching Mormon Messages.
 It was a such a good night, and one I will always cherish. 
When we came across this clip, I think it really hit us both. 
I think in everyone's lives, at one point or another, we feel we are being
 tested. We must be patient in order to withstand pain, difficulties, tribulations, 
heartache, and grief... but let's face it, sometimes patience can be easier
 said than done.  I couldn't help but tear up, as I listened to to an apostle of the 
Lord promise specific blessings to those who are faithful and patient in enduring.
 I was reminded that Heavenly Father is always aware of us. 
He knows us, and we are never forgotten. 

After watching the clip, I was touched to turn and see Brett welling
 up just as much as me. I think it was a reminder to us both that we need to
 continue in patience and trust in the Lord's plan and timetable.
 It was a reminder that patience is more than just waiting around... 
it is about "actively working toward worthwhile goals" It's about not 
getting discouraged when results don't immediately show up. 
It was a reminder of how much we have grown in the past year and a half as 
we have learned to push through adversary and challenges. 
Oh how I love these simple moments that I get to share with Brett....
moments where I get to see the Lord's hand in our lives.

AND PATIENCE..." (Alma 32:45)


  1. Court,
    I went through and read some of your posts!
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and testimony. Your posts are very inspiring and I can definitely feel the spirit when I read them! I never knew the struggles you and Brett have been having with starting a family, but your example of leaning on your heavenly father for support is such a wonderful example to us all!