Some people come into our lives for a reason...

It is amazing to me how quickly time flies by. Exactly one year ago, I remember having feelings that I needed to start coaching again. I was a little nervous about the idea because I hadn't coached cheer since I had left on my mission. At first, I neglected the idea, but the feeling kept returning. After a little hesitation, I decided to start looking for coaching positions. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed because I didn't know how I should go about getting re-involved in the cheerleading world. I remember sitting down one afternoon, and opening a phone book to the high school section. Immediately, I felt like I should call Timpanogos High School. Within 24 hours of calling, I was interviewed and offered a position as the head cheer adviser at Timpanogos High School. 
I guess when something is right, it's right!

Coaching this past year was nothing but a pure blessing in my life.
I was so grateful each week to be able to go to practice and watch my team grow.
 Each girl had such an impact on my life and taught me lessons that I will never forget.

Things I learned this year from coaching...
The Pursuit of Excellence
It always impressed me how the girls on the squad always pushed as a team to be the best they could be (and this was not limited to their performance alone). I admired the girls as they would talk about their academic goals, their personal goals, etc. I loved that they never sold themselves short. It strengthened me to watch their examples as they strove to be the best they could be as individuals and a team. They knew who they were, and they knew their potential.

Endless Potential
Throughout the summer practices, I realized that more than anything, the biggest part of my job was to believe in the girls... to encourage them... to see their potential (the potential they might not have seen themselves). It was to recognize them individually for their strengths and help them see the important role they played on the team. As a coach, I was by no means perfect, but I think I learned a valuable lesson... EVERYONE has strengths. It is human nature to look for the faults in people. I decided in life, I always want my goal to be to look past individual flaws and recognize the true good and potential that lies in every single person. 

Our Youth, Our Leaders
As I mentioned before, I was so blown by the girls throughout the year. I admired them as I watched them in the hallways reach out to other students who were in need of friends. I watched them lift so many people around them. These girls are amazing, and true leaders in every sense. The youth truly inspire me. I have no doubt that they will move on to become wonderful leaders in the future. 

Count Your Many Blessings
Towards the beginning of last year (2011), I was so caught up in myself and the things that WEREN'T happening in my life (at the time Brett and I had been trying to start a family for about 6 months without success). It was, and still is, a difficult challenge. However, the difference between me a year ago and me now, is that I can better recognize the blessings in my life. For the longest time, I was so focused on the fact that I couldn't be a mother that I became blind... blind to the point where I didn't see the other opportunities Heavenly Father was trying to give me to bless my life.... the major one being the chance to coach a group of incredible young women. I never told the girls about my personal life, or the challenges that I was going through, but they were always there to love me and help me to see the bigger picture. I began to slowly realize that instead of putting my time and efforts into feeling heart broken and disappointed, I could focus on the opportunity that was right in front of me. Even though Brett and I have not yet been blessed to expand our family, Heavenly Father provided me with an opportunity that not many others get to have. Throughout the year, the girls had such an impact on my life. I don't think they will ever come to know or understand how much their love and examples meant to me. Without knowing what was happening in my life, it seemed like on my hardest of days, they would come up to me and give me a big hug saying, "Courtney you are like our Mom." I'll tell you what- more than anything, coaching was a sweet answer to my prayers. It was a strength to my testimony and a reminder that our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there, ready and willing to bless us. Granted, the blessings may not always be in the form that we expect or may initially desire--- but they are there...
and they are sweeter than we can ever imagine.

Again, this past year coaching, was an amazing opportunity and blessing in my life. It is is an experience that I will always remember and forever cherish. I am going to really miss the girls this next year, but I can't wait to see what the future holds for them--- 



  1. Court, you're the one who made an impact on OUR lives. You are our mom. I love you so much, thank you for changing my life.

  2. this was such a sweet post, got me a little teary-eyed. thank you for sharing courtney, you're amazing!