Why did I start blogging?

I admit. I am a blog stalker. I love coming across blogs of people I know and learning 
more about their lives and their points of view. I am learning that everyone blogs for different
 reasons... some like to capture memories, some like to teach new skills, some like to take 
a moment to brag, some like to vent, some like to share their life's learning experiences, etc.  

It's crazy to think that I have been logging memories for the past year!? It has got me 
thinking why did I start blogging in the first place? I think sometimes when I write about our 
family memories, I have a tendency to make them look like they are peaches and cream... 
that our lives are picture perfect.  That we are ALWAYS being showered with blessings. 

I am not trying to say that Brett and I AREN'T blessed or AREN'T happy, but our lives
 are nowhere near perfect. We have struggles and challenges we encounter on a daily basis. 

I remember awhile back I was looking through some old talks on, and I 
came across a talk from general conference that was given by Elder Eyring called,
 "Oh Remember, Remember." He discussed the importance of record keeping. 
To be honest this is not something that I have ever taken very seriously in my life. 
I admit I am not one of those girls who kept a diary growing up... and I hate to say that 
I even did a terrible job of journal writing on my mission. However, as I read
 Elder Eyring's talk it made me realize there is more to keeping a record than 
just keeping a record. He stated...

"As I kept a record, I would cast my mind
 over my day. I would see evidence of what God had 
done that I had not recognized in the busy moments 
of the day. As that happened, and it happened often,
 I realized that trying to remember had allowed
 God to show me what he had done. More gratitude 
began to grow in my heart. Testimony grew. I became 
more certain that Heavenly Father heard 
and answered prayers."

this is why i blog.
It is sometimes to easy to miss the special blessings and tender mercies in our busy
 lives. As I mentioned before, Brett and I do not have a perfect life... 
but it sure is wonderful to be able to focus on the simple and sweet moments.
 Personally, it helps me realize the Lord's hand IS in our lives on a daily basis. 
I am better able to recognize Heavenly Father's tender mercies.
I know that he is aware of us and loves us so much.
 I feel as though as we have recorded our daily comings and goings, 
we have developed more gratitude, more patience, and more understanding.  
life is sweet. life is good. 
and it's wonderful to REMEMBER it. 

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  1. i love this!! it's so, so true. i blog about our happy moments and fun things we do so that i can look back and read and remember how happy and blessed we really are. i love coming to my blog on a bad day and having that reminder. thanks for sharing this, great thoughts!