So lately Brett and I have loved, CORRECTION... 
become OBSESSED with everything Robin Hood. 
I mean seriously, what's not to love?
 A courageous young man who steals from the rich to give to the poor... 
great action sequences... young love... awesome "one liners"...
Nothing but pure entertainment in our books.
We have seriously flown through everything and 
anything that involves the character Robin of Locksley.

It all started with BBCs hit television show, Robin Hood. 
We were instantly hooked and watched all three seasons in a flash. 
We LOVED the characters, loved the humor, loved the cute stories--- 
Seriously we would recommend it to anyone looking for a good series (just sweet and clean). 
We each shared our own moments of tears and laughs during the series,
 and when it was over we felt SO sad. 
We needed to find something to else to fill our "Robin Hood" void.


Where did we turn?
You got it.... Kevin Costner. 
I had never seen this version of Robin hood, but Brett claims he was 
obsessed with it since he was a kid. We had to watch it on VHS which was an adventure...
never realized that I was thankful for HD until we took a step back to the 80's.


Same night after finishing the Kevin Costner Robin Hood, we got our hands on the
  newest version of Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.
What the.....????????
I am pretty sure we were both expecting something completely different. 
Definitely wasn't our favorite. It was a days later until we figured out what was going on in the move.


From there, we felt we needed a little comic relief. 
We turned to Robin Hood Men in Tights.
I have to admit we turned it off after 3 minutes. Couldn't handle it. Straight up uncomfortable.


Finally, we ended up watching the 
Disney classic rendition of Robin Hood. 
So adorable. We loved the songs, loved the cute character. 


I wasn't kidding when I said we went robin CRAZE! We have officially become Robin Hood gueroos. 
 If that's not enough, I started having this crazy desire to read the classic 
Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. 
So glad I did! It was a quick and easy read--- SO adorable and full of whit. Probably one of my favorite books.

Again, such a sweet little book. 
I definitely want to get the picture book version someday to have in our collections.
The tales were so lighthearted and happy. You also get to learn about all about his 
"merry little band of outlaws" which I loved. The book was just so full of joy---
I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet and funny  little read!

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  1. Just found your blog, love it. And my husband did the exact same thing you did with Robin Hood. I actually would want to name a boy Robin if we have another. But people make fun of me for the idea. We also like the idea of Much for a name. We liked it that much!