Happy Birthday Cade

My Little Buddy...
It's this little guy's birthday today.
{Well, I guess he isn't THAT little anymore.}
Anyways, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my buddy!

I will never forget when Mom told me I was going to have a third little sibling,
I prayed and prayed I would get another sister. 

Boy did those feeling change when I held you for the first time.
I cried like a baby.
I was SO full of love for you, and things have never changed. 

Buddy--- can't believe you are 14 big ones. 
You are turning into quite the man and I love it. 
It's weird having to look up to you know,
and to be honest, I look up to you in more ways than one. 

Thanks for always making me laugh,
for making me feel good about myself,
for watching stupid shows with me,
for sharing my love for popcorn,
and more than anything--- thanks for just being who you are.
I love you little man!

x (little kiss)
o (little hug)


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