To everything there is a season

Yesterday was just an awesome day. 
For all you out there living in the Orem/Provo area, 
I am sure you enjoyed, like me, watching the regional stake conference.
Wasn't it just awesome?
There were several moments where I felt like Heavenly Father was talking directly to me. 
Speaking of which--- I am getting so excited for general conference. 
Can I just say how inspired the leaders of the church truly are?

After a session of awesome talks and feelings of inspiration, 
Brett and I decided to head up fork canyon.
Boy were we ever greeted by a beautiful mountainside. 
If you haven't been up the canyon recently...GO. Like now.
It is simply stunning. We were both in awe over the gorgeous changing colors. 
It was a great reminder to us both what a loving Heavenly Father we have 
to have blessed us with so much surrounding beauty. 

One of the talks that had the greatest impact on me was given by
one of the Twelve Apostles, Elder Dallin H. Oaks. 
(To learn more about the living prophet and apostles, visit 
I especially appreciated the end of his talk.
His message was so simple, yet so true. 
The Lord loves all His children--- and desires them to have a full abundance of His blessings...
on HIS timing.

I don't know--- the message just hit really close to home. 
Sometimes I find myself trying to impose MY timetable on the Lord.
I tend to think I "know it all" and know what's best for me and our family. 
Once again, I have a lot to learn. 
I appreciated how Elder oaks emphasized how we cannot have TRUE faith in the Lord
without having complete trust in his timing. 
I am learning this is one of the most difficult parts of having faith. 
That the WHEN is just as important as the WHAT. 

Again, what a great and simple reminder.
Below is one of my favorite statements made by Elder Oaks at the conference. 
I quickly re-created the statement. Enjoy!

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