Murder Mystery Party

Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Each year we have a tradition of having a family murder mystery party right around Halloween.
We have found they are such a blast, and a great way to celebrate the holiday
(considering we have never been huge Halloween fans).
This year we decided to go with a 50's sock hop theme.
It was seriously a blast and the night was full of laugh attacks.

Yes, yes, I am my mothers daughter.
I can never throw a subtle party.
We decorated the basement like a full-fledged 50's diner.
Everything coordinated from the invites to the straws and name tags.
I wish we had taken more pictures of the decorations, because boy they turned out cute.
Not only were the decorations to the extreme,
so were the costumes.
Each time we opened the door to invite a new guest inside to the party,
we would all burst out laughing at how intricate and hilarious the outfits were.

Caitlyn- Pinkie Larue (Check out the Spandex on that one!)
Austin (Caitlyn's Boyfriend)- D'Juan Datiwant (Most desireable nerd ever, wouldn't ya say?)
Trent- Arthur "Bronzerelli" (Never seen a guy look better in a women's leather jacket)
Carly- Sandra Delight (Beauty queen to the extreme)
Brett- Buddy Folly (Such a hipster)
Cade- Biff Lettermna (What a high school hunk!)
Chelan- Peggy Sousa (Totally rocked that high pontytail and bobby socks)
Dad- Maynard Wayout (Best sole patch....ever)
Mom- Poora Moore (Cutest waitress... ever)

For dinner we enjoyed Pizza, ceasar salad, breadsticks, and a dessert bar full of sweets.
As we all worked to identify the murderer, the night was jam packed with laughs
(bad pronunciations, accents, scripts, etc).

I can't get enough of these fine people.
Doesn't get any better than that, does it?
So glad for every second I get to spend with them.
What a way to spend Halloween!
Happy spooky holiday my friends!

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  1. Ho sorry to be such a pain, but would you mind sharing your files for the YW new beginnings that you had?..the candy one?...please just let me know if you are not willing so I look for a different theme!..thanks so very much!