Newest Family Member

So we did something slightly crazy.
Sunday night, we innocently browsed some classifieds for puppies.
You know... just to SEE what was out there. 
Let me tell you this- no one just looks at puppies. 
We came across this add for an adorable little Sheltie, 
and in less than 24 hours, she was cuddled up on my lap.

It was seriously love at first sight.
I mean seriously, how could you NOT love a little face like that.

As we made the long drive up Ogden to pick her up,
 both Brett and I were both nervous with emotions.
Excitement, concern, anxiousness.
But as we cuddled her on the ride home,
we were both just in love.

We can't get enough of this little gal.
She is ridiculously adorable, smart, clumsy, curious, 
all wrapped in one.
We are rushing home each day just to spend a few extra minutes with her. 
She could not have come at a better time.
We just love her, and look forward to having Lady join our little family. 

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