Book of Mormon Lesson

Boy am I grateful for the weeks I get to teach in YW.
I feel like I grow and learn so much, especially from the girls. 
This past week, we were challenged by our Stake Presidency 
to focus our lessons and teachings on Preach My Gospel chapter 5. 
Chapter 5 is one of my favorites of PMG because it is centered on the Book of Mormon.
I decided to share a few thoughts and ideas that I used in my lesson.
Feel free to use!

I started the lesson by discussing the principle of "becoming".
This is something that I share often with the young women because I think it SO important.
As I reviewed the principle, I asked the girls who they were trying to become more like.
The answer is the Savior (3 Nephi 12:48).
I then lead the conversation into the topic of how we become more like the Savior.
There were 3 main ideas that I focused on. 

1. Become like the Savior by becoming familiar 
with His words, His promises, and His covenants. 

Loved this quote from Elder Maxwell
"The more we know Jesus, the more we will love Him. 
The more we know of Jesus, the more we will trust Him. 
The more we know Jesus, the more we want to be like Him and be with Him
by becoming the matter of men and women He wishes us to be."

We discussed how one of the greatest ways we can learn about the Savior
is by reading the Book of Mormon (literally is "another testament" of Christ).
We briefly talked about how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and 
helps us to draw nearer to Him as we learn and read its pages. 

2. Become like the Savior by nurturing our
 "One by One" relationship with Him.

After talking about learning about the Savior, I asked the question, 
"Is it enough to just know about the Savior to be like Him?"

Another quote that I loved, 
"Becoming like the Savior is more than knowing facts, techniques, or theories about Him.
To know Him requires a different kind of knowledge. 
To gain eternal life, we cannot simply be acquainted with Him 
or recall some factoid about His life as if we were playing a trivia game.
We cannot simply read about Him.
Knowing Him is more than knowing His doctrine. 
Knowing Him the way that He has counseled and plead us to know Him
requires everything we are and, in the end, 
changes us forever." 

I then talked about the moment when Christ came to the Americas 
in the Book of Mormon. 
We reviewed how He had a "one by one" experience with each of the people.
We likened the scriptures to us today and talked about how we can 
have a "one by one" relationship with the Savior. 

3. Become like the Savior by serving Him.

We briefly talked about how one of the greatest ways we can serve the Savior is
by preaching His gospel and serving others. 

At the end of the lesson I provided each girl with a soft copy of the Book of Mormon.
I invited them to write their testimony of the Savior in the front cover.
After writing their testimony, I invited the girls to give the copy to someone in need...
to allow someone else to become one step closer to the Savior by becoming familiar 
with His words, His promises, and His covenants.

At the end of the lesson I gave each girl this book mark to remind them 
of the importance of drawing closer to their Savior through the Book of Mormon.
All in all, the lesson turned out really well!
There was definitely a strong spirit as we discussed and shared our testimonies
of the Book of Mormon.
Boy I am grateful for this book. 
It has changed my life in more ways than one.
Again feel free to use the ideas from this lesson!

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  1. I saw this page on sugardoodle - such a great idea to incorporate PMG into the lesson. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Marissa! I am glad that it was helpful! Let me know if you need anything else!

  2. Love this post! Thank you! I would love to get a copy of the quote for a handout. "How to Become more like the savior"
    Do you have it in a pdf?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your darling bookmark! I was just looking for the perfect way to remind my YW of this lesson, and this is wonderful. Thanks for being so generous! :)

  4. Thank you so much for your efforts! I will be using your quotes and some of your ideas for my YW Lesson!