her and him

You know how they say that the more time you spend with someone, 
the more likely you are to end up like that person?
 Now that I'm a seasoned wife, (kidding) 
I have found in my experience this statement to be somewhat true.
 No, but for real.. within two years of living under the same roof, 
Brett and I have practically morphed into one. 
Hey, I don't mind being a little more like him... I kinda like the guy.

           He has converted her to          
Using less toilet paper (still a work in progress)
An interest in politics
Jam and cheese
Being aware of our "mula"
Waking up earlier (well, earlier than I used to)
Learning how to relax

She has converted him to
Going on walks
Chick flicks
Avocado and bread
Shopping for deals (still a work in progress)
Reading young adult novels

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