Christmas Cruise Girls Gifts

48 hours and counting.
Gosh I am getting excited to say "bon voyage" and hit the blue open waters.
The anticipation for the cruise among the Cosgrove family has definitely been growing.
It's pretty much all we can talk about lately.
I can't wait to spend a whole week with some of the peeps I love the most.

Even though we all decided the cruise was going to take up the bulk of our Christmas gifts,
I wanted to do a little something something for my sisters to get them excited & ready for the "big" trip.

I created these little "christmas cruise survival packs" for my mom and sisters.
It included a bunch of small travel items and straightener travel case that I sewed.

I packaged them up in cellophane and topped them off with a tag.
They turned out pretty cute!

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  1. LIke mother, like daughter :) I love it!! Have so much fun on your you think I could pass as a Cosgrove??