YW Birthday: Stand Ye in Holy Places Socks

I have have been really excited about the birthday gifts 
we have been giving our YW this year and wanted to share!

I originally found this sock poem on from Brittany Olsen...

I thought it was just the sweetest thing and adored how it coordinated with the mutual theme.
I also loved the idea of giving the girls socks because they are something everyone can use, 
and hey...they are cheap!

I actually used the socks and turned them into a cupcake and attached the cute poem.
I thought they turned out really cute, and the girls have just LOVED them so far!

I decided to slightly re-create the design of the original poem.
(I wanted to re-create it so that it would match the socks that I had found).
You can download and print off these tags by clicking HERE

For the supplies you will need, a pair of socks,
 some sort of item to use as a topper for your cupcake (pom pom balls, etc), 
cupcake liners, cellophane and ribbon.

There are a lot of cheap and cute socks out there. 
I actually found these cute heart socks at the dollar store.

Again, you will also need some type of cupcake topper. 
I found this glittery pom poms at Target in the party aisle. 
They actually come with a stick on it, which makes it really easy when wrapping the sock 
because you are able to just wrap it around it.

I also found some cupcake liners that coordinated with the socks and pom poms. 
I choose to use a heavier duty cupcake liner, just so that it would maintain it's structure. 

The process for making the cupcakes is really simple! 
Seriously, anyone could do it!

1. Take a pair of socks and hold them together at the top so they match up evenly
2. Fold the socks in half long way ("hot dog" style)
3. Take the end of the folded socks and hold them up to the end of your pom pom stick
4. Begin wrapping socks around the stick of the pom pom (wrap at a slight angle)

Once you have completed wrapping the sock around the stick, place it in a cupcake liner.

To finish it off, I wrapper my sock cupcakes with cellophane to hold it together, 
and topped it off with a cute birthday wish and poem!

Again, it's a super easy process, and they look super cute when you are all finished!
Feel free to use the ideas, print off tags, and leave any comments!

Thanks for visiting! 


  1. Love this, we used the idea for Valentines for our girls. Thanks!!

    1. What a cute idea! I am sure they will turn out darling! Thanks for visiting our blog!

  2. I typed up this poem, but yours is SO very much cuter, I'm scrapping mine and using yours! THANKS for sharing your talent!

  3. Thank you for the poem. We actually decided back in November that we wanted to do socks to go with this years theme and did the cupcake thing (we found cute fuzzy socks at the dollar store too!) but we didn't have the poem, we'd just been doing a little note for the girls. I am thankful to have found the poem. Thanks for sharing it. I love all your printables.

  4. I love this idea - thank you so much. We have been looking for ideas for birthdays that don't involve sugar - thank you for this!

  5. I love this idea! We have been looking for birthday ideas that don't involve sugar - thank you!!

  6. Thank you from Idaho!