Perfectly Imperfect.

It's March today? Seriously?
I feel like time is whizing by at lightning speed, and there is just nothing I can do about it. 
Perhaps it is because there are so many changes on the horizon or maybe it is just hormones,
but for whatever reason I have been feeling QUITE sentimental lately.

Yes, my blog is turning into a goodbye book lately,
and no it probably won't end anytime soon with graduation right around the corner.

Regardless, I wanted to capture a few feelings i have been having lately.

Shortly after I was married, my Nana shared a little piece of advice with me.
She said, "Courtney, Life is perfectly imperfect.
 What matters is that you enjoy the journey 
and find the happiness Heavenly Father intends for you."

She is a wise, wise woman.

Even though she shared this me years ago, 
I can still find truth in it every day.

With only 4 months left before we pack up and head to the sunny south, 
I have been thinking about Brett and my experiences over the past 3 years.

As I drive around, I see so many places that will always hold a special memory in our hearts.


These places hold such great significance and meaning to us.
In these places we learned that minimal steak seasoning goes a long way.
We learned I make piles and Brett is perfectly clean.
We learned how to share a bathroom (I guess still learning is a better way of putting it).
We learned how to lean on each other in times of heartache.
We learned how to fight.
We learned how to manage homework, laundry, callings, work, and still spending time together.
We learned how to compromise.
And more than anything, we learned how to serve one another and love.

I am definitely going to miss this stage of our lives. 
I'll admit, at times it seemed like it would never end and we were anxious for the next step.
But at the end of the day, I know I am going to look back and think
If only I would have realized that those years will be some of the best of your life...

So as we start the next chapter of our lives I hope we can remember what we've learned
and most importantly recognize that 

Life is perfectly imperfect.
 What matters is that you enjoy the journey 
and find the happiness Heavenly Father intends for you.


  1. Hey Courtney! I just got called into YW's and was so excited to see some of your handouts. Thanks so much for taking the time to make these. I am about to have a baby and would love to make my own handouts, but life is a bit crazy, and I am grateful for you for sharing them with us! Have a great day!


  2. Courtney,

    I hope I am not too big of a pesterer! Is that a word? We are going to do your Bloom Where you are Planted for our New Beginnings. The poster won't let me print it at a 20x30. It says the file is too small. Would it be possible to send me a file that can be printed big?

    Also, I just saw your conference tabs with the apostles pictures and names. Would you send me that file too?

    I so so appreciate your willingness to share!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you SO much for all the wonderful and uplifting posts that you write. I serve as YW president in England and I also wanted to say thank you for your notes about University. We too have four months left before we move. My husband has just finished studying Dentistry for four years and we have 4 children. I find myself thinking the same way as you, moving un-certainty of future, new home, new area, new friends. It's so lovely to hear you express your faith and love of our Saviour Jesus Christ and complete trust that he will look after you both. I have the same faith, the same fears and the same love of yw's...just with four little people! Keep up the great work, you are such a good example to me and I can only say from what I read on this blog you and your hubby have a wonderful future ahead of you. Becky

  4. i love this, thanks courtney!

  5. Thanks Courtney!! I found your blog through Pinterest and LOVE all your printables. I'm teaching the 12-13 year olds in my ward and your creations are the perfect addition to my lessons!!

  6. Life is imperfectly perfect is a wonderful quote and followed by "What matters is that you enjoy the journey and find the happiness Heavenly Father intends for you" is great motivation to go out and live your life and not be scared. It reminds us that everyday we won't be at our best and life will not always go as we planned but that is okay because God has a plan for us. It's okay if we mess up as long as we amend those mistakes. This is just a fantastic quote. I love all your quotes and have featured one in my own blog (with credit to you of course)- . Thank you for your and sharing your Grandmother's wise words!