Arizona Dreamin'

Favorite thing as of late?
House updates from our realtor. 

It has been a whole lot of fun watching the progress begin with our soon to be home in Arizona.

Brett and I are getting very anxious for the big move.
I think we are both excited to become "real grown-ups".

I'll admit, I am on Pinterest pretty much every night dreamin' up our home.
Here are just a few things I am going ga ga for...

large pictures/thick white baseboards/funky pillows/large prints/dark cabinets/monograms/backsplash

Can't believe the progress in just a week...
We are getting us SO excited for our move to the sunny south!

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  1. Where are you moving in AZ? We sure miss it there. We have been back "home" in Utah for almost 4 years. I hope you love it. We were in Gilbert & Chandler (and for about 30 seconds Mesa). :) Have SO much fun!