Come Follow Me Journals

We had an activity this past week that our girls loved! Thought I would share!!!
Our Laurels had decided that they wanted more ways of getting involved in the new YW curriculum.
Their idea was to have every young women make a 
"Come Follow Me" journal...
...a notebook they could bring to class to write down their thoughts or
 use during the week as they studied the lesson outlines.

I found a bunch of journals at the dollar store and bought one for each girl.
For the activity, we brought a bunch of old ensigns where the girls could cut out 
some of their favorite pictures and/or quotes & sayings.
They created collages on the front of their journals with the pictures 
and topped them off with the circle "Come Follow Me" title above. 

To organize their journals, I created the tabs below that each girl cut out to create sections in their notebooks.
The tabs coordinate with the YW Come Follow Me lesson curriculum. 
The idea is that the young women will be able to write down notes in class, glue in handouts, and capture inspirational thoughts & revelation as they study up for the lessons during the week.

The girls were really cute as they put thought and creativity into their journals.
You could tell that they were something they were all very excited to use.

I am so mad at myself for not taking pictures of the final projects,
 but trust me when I say they were darling....
all very special and unique to each young women.

I think this is a great activity that could be used in any YW organization.
Feel free to use and share!

I am having some problems sharing the tabs and title, so if you would like to download,
feel free to right click the images above and "save image as".
You can then insert the image to a word document (etc.) and print off as needed!


  1. If you look up interactive notebooks, you will find lots of ideas to go along with what you are doing. Apples 4 Bookworms is a great blog for ideas.

  2. Love this idea, thank you!!!! I wish we would have it already in the beginning of the year :P I really want to use it with our YW!

  3. We did a similar thing in our Ward. I bought a bunch of Mead Notebooks for a dollar at Wal-Mart and let the girls do what they wanted with them. they've been using them for weekly study as well as notes during class. I think it helps them to participate more in the lesson.

  4. Would you be willing to change Young Womens to Achievement Days for me. I would love these for my girls and know they would to!!!

  5. This is such a great idea. I have been thinking the smash journal idea would be good, but I love the tabs idea and how it is divided into each month. What a great reference for each girl. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for these ideas and the printables! You are awesome!!

  7. You are so talented! I really appreciate your work. These printables are beautiful!

  8. i just found your blog! i hope you continue to make cute printables!
    i would love to have one of these made with the new theme for next year ;)

  9. Wanting to make the tabs for the new year (whenever they decide to announce them), do you have the half circle in an editing form you could post or e-mail?

    Thank you for sharing - we love them and can't wait to create the books!

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  11. Hi! We are doing this in my ward in a couple weeks and I would love to be able to use the grey circle with updated year on it. Any chance you will be posting that? :) Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hey Brittany! I am currently not planning on going back and redesigning them for m blog, however, if you are interested I do make adjustments for my designs on my blog for individuals by request for $5.00! Charging a small fee helps with the extra time I spend on creating custom orders and allows me to continue to create free ideas! If you are interested please let me know! I could also add your ward's name to the circle or make any other adjustments you would like to the design besides the year!