Come Follow Me: How was the Priesthood Restored?

Here are a few more handouts I have created for April's "Come Follow Me" curriculum.
The following printables are specifically for the lesson outline
Feel free to print off and use for your lessons!

(you can download them by right clicking on the picture and selecting "save image as"...
you can copy and paste the images in a word document and manipulate the size as desired)


  1. Such cute handouts!!! Newest follower!!!

  2. Ok, first of all I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! I have to ask and I hope I don't sound dumb...but what program do you use to make them?

  3. I love your handouts!!! The yellow damask one has a misspelled word. Only is missing it's Y at the end. FYI.

  4. I have printed several of your beautiful handouts. The ones that I have been downloaded from google docs have printed beautifully in many sizes. The ones that do not have that link and that I have just right clicked to save have not printed well. Many are okay in a 4x6 size. If I try to increase it is blurry and the colors are not even close to the same. Any tips? I am doing something wrong?