Come Follow Me: Covenants and Baptism

Here are a few more handout ideas for the month of July's "Come Follow Me" curriculum.
I decided to get a head start on creating some various handouts for the month. 
The lesson outline for these particular handouts is... 

"What covenants did I make at bapstim?"

Feel free to print off and use for your lessons!

(you can download them by right clicking on the picture and selecting "save image as"...
you can copy and paste the images in a word document and manipulate the size as desired) 

This information from above came from
I split it up into two sections:
1. What we promise/covenant at baptism
2. What the Lord promises us if we keep our baptismal covenants. 

The circles above would be a smaller handout that the girls could put in their scriptures.
There are different colors and versions depending on your taste. 
Each circle has a front and back that you can glue together!