Come Follow Me: Covenants

I am getting really excited about next month's YW "Come Follow Me" curriculum
 because it is all about ordinances and covenants. 
I decided to get a head start on creating some various handouts for the month. 
The lesson outline for these particular handouts is... 

"Why are covenants important in my life?"

Feel free to print off and use for your lessons!

(you can download them by right clicking on the picture and selecting "save image as"...
you can copy and paste the images in a word document and manipulate the size as desired) 

This quote came from the talk from Bonnie D. Parkin titled,
I appreciated how Sister Parkin expressed her love of covenants, 
and talked about how we can and should "celebrate" our personal covenants. 
You can print this handout in any size (small to fit in the girls scriptures, or large to post on their wall).

I was also very inspired by the talk given by Elder Christofferson titled, 
The talk was awesome and gave a lot of great insights as to why covenants are important.

I decided to create a few different handouts/lesson helps based on Elder Christofferson's talk. 

The first is the handout above which is a quote from Elder Christofferson.
It can be printed out for each girl and placed in their room, scriptures, etc. 
and used as a reminder of the how their covenants can be blessing in their lives. 

The circles below coordinate with the three different points Elder Christofferson 
made in his talk on the power of covenants.
You could either print these off and give them to the yw, 
or use them as display as you discuss the three points during your lesson.