20 Weeks

I can't believe I am almost half way there!
I must admit - I am absolutely loving being pregnant.
The whole process has filled me with gratitude, love, and awe. 

It is incredible to watch my belly grow and know there is a little boy growing rapidly inside.
 I want to start  documenting weekly from now on so that I can track the growth more carefully.
This week is a long update so brace yourself...

I had a big doctors appointment this week.
It was the first time I would get to see our little one's full body, his heartbeat, etc. 
I was really nervous heading into it... I wanted to make sure the baby was perfectly healthy.
It took the tech awhile to hear and see his little heartbeat,
but once I heard it - all was well in the world.
That little sound is just so special. 

My belly has really started to pop this week.
I feel like it grows more and more every day and I love it.

I have still been pretty sick in the mornings, but I can never complain. 
It makes the process feel more real to me, and that just makes me smile. 

 I have been feeling him move a lot as of late and can't get enough of the little flutter!
I never want him to stop but for now the kicking is very sporadic. 
For some reason it shocks me every time.
I still can't believe there is a little munchkin growing in there.
But it makes me feel more connected to him with every passing day.

For the most part I just want healthy foods i.e. strawberries and peaches----
oh and snow cones. I probably get one every other day (not so healthy, but it could be worse). 
Besides that, I find myself munching every day and not wanting big meals. 
I am trying to eat as healthy as possible and really need to start working out more!

We are also really trying to prepare spiritually.
We feel so blessed to be in the position that we are right now.
I cannot believe we are going to be trusted with the development of another spirit.
It is something that I feel is both magical and terrifying.
But mostly magical.
We cannot wait for the divine role of parenthood.

I am already so in love with our little one.
I can only imagine how my obsession is going to grow.
I am trying not to take one day of this whole experience for granted.
Loving every minute.