26 Weeks

Two things I am feeling at this very moment - extreme gratitude and a little fear.
I am now 26 weeks - 6.5 months pregnant.
Weeks 24-26 have been my biggest growth spurt yet.
I know, I think I look further along than I actually am. 

I absolutely love feeling him move.
I feel like I am  starting to understand his little personality.
He already has a little sass to him - wonder where that comes from... hmmm.
He tends to kick the most on my upper left hand side.
I am loving having a "popped" belly
but starting to understand what it means to be "uncomfortable."
It seems like the pains are coming in waves.

I have now moved on to craving more of the sweets.
Poor guy already has a sweet tooth like his parents.

I am working on signing up for a birthing class.
I am actually somewhat nervous about it considering I was the girl 
in health class who passed out watching, "The Miracle of Life."
Birthing class could be a real adventure for me. 

Brett is really trying to be interested in all my jabber about birthing.
I love that man.

Something about watching your belly grow almost over night gives you the real labor jitters.

The baby decisions seem to be piling up and I seem to be stalling.
Only 2.5 months left and we haven't bought a thing in preparation for the baby. 
Since my Mom {and baby consultant}
 is in another state I am having a real hard time biting the bullet on decisions.
And part of me relishes in learning about everything and taking my time.

We decided to just walk through Babies R'Us this weekend and do a little research on car seats and strollers.
Oh if you could have seen the pair of us...
We were both breaking a massive sweat trying to figure out how to close a stroller...
then cheering for joy when we finally figured it out...
then putting the car seat in backwards in the stroller...
then dropping the car seat...
Oh yes. Our poor child.
I can only imagine the thoughts going through people's heads as they watched us struggle. 
Hopefully we will figure it all out before he gets here.
Fingers crossed.

So with that being said...
Car seat advice?
Stroller advice? Is it worth it to get the travel pack?
Is it ok to buy a crib on craigslist?
How do you paint a crib with safe paint?
Oh my I have a lot to learn!

As I move into my third trimester I am continually reminded of how blessed I am to be here in this moment.
I know it's cliché, but we truly can't wait to meet our little bundle.


  1. Clearance. Saved our lives and our wallets. We got a really nice travel pack for half the price. And find people who can give you the big stuff like cribs and swings for free. :) It's totally worth it.

    1. Such good advice! I am going to make sure to hit up the clearance isles! Thanks Chantel!

  2. I would ask friends and family for advice on brands of car seats and such. I have had a Graco and a Baby Trend. The Baby Trend was not my favorite. As my kids have gotten older I have used Evenflo, which seems to be affordable, but still have great reviews on them.
    As for a stroller, again ask around to people you trust. I used one my mom had, it went with the Graco car seat. I would just check craigslist for strollers, spend your money on a good car seat.
    I just sold my crib on KSL, so I think definitely look on craigslist. Although that said, if you are having more than one child, a crib would be an investment. It might be worth investing in.
    When it comes to swings, bouncers, and porta cribs and such, borrow from friends or family. It is no fun to get something and then learn that your kid doesn't like it.
    Also, and this is the best tip ever, Amazon mom for your diapers. The deliver it to your door, and you get a better deal that you would going to Costco or Sams to get diapers. (I used Luvs, and they were pretty affordable.) Make sure if you do Amazon mom to also do the subscribe and save, as it saves you $$$.
    Good luck. Do what works best for you. You know your kiddo better than anyone else.

    1. Awesome advice! You have no idea how much it is appreciated! Thanks again!

  3. You look fantastic :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

  4. I am so happy for happy for you both! Thank you for your wonderful photos and beautiful art. I love to share it with our YW. :)

  5. We were the same way. We luckily got a lot as gifts and we made sure to get neutral colors for strollers and such to be able to use with a girl or a boy (we just had a boy). I agree with the amazon mom. It's so nice to just have my diapers sent to me. When you try strollers, ask if you can try putting it in your car. :) we did that at babies r us which was nice because some didn't fit! Thanks for all your hard work with these handouts. So grateful!

    1. Good idea on the neutral! I did not even think about that! Thanks for the advice!!!

  6. I think it's okay to buy thrifted anything IF you know the safety stats on it and IF it seems to be in good condition. Alec and I did LOTS of on-line shopping. We found lots of good deals and discounts from stores we would normally walk into .. but that only offered them online. As far as car seats go .. I asked all of my friends and one of my friends works in the NICU and said that the babytrend brand of carseats was the best. So that's what we went with and we liked it. We got a package deal for a stroller and carseat for like $160 or something - super cheap for the two!! We did, however, have to purchase a carseat when gavin got older cause he grew out of the newborn one by like 8 months old. I'm sure whatever you pick out will be perfect!!!
    And .. as far as paint goes that is "safe". I think most paints don't have lead in them anymore - and I think that's the main reason that it's worrisome. You could call a pediatric office and ask what they recommend - they won't think you're crazy :) they are usually really nice about answering all of your questions!
    Good luck Courtney!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

    1. Good to know!!! PS. You are just the cutest mommy ever! I love stalking your blog and seeing what you are up to! And seriously, how adorable is your little guy!? I will definitely be leaning on you for some more advice in the future! Thanks Courtney!

  7. My favorite car seat has been the Chicco Carfit 30 and the liteway Plus stroller. i have never used an easier system! Putting the base in our car literally takes 2 minutes. I always felt with the Graco bases they took forever and never got tight. It's a little pricy but I think it's a great investment since the car seat and stroller are two of the things you will use year after year, kid after kid. I love that the liteway plus stroller fits the car seat on it for when the child is an infant but folds down to the size of an umbrella stroller!
    I would also invest in a nice highchair since you'll use that for years as well. I would hesitate to buy used anything else since a lot of the other toy and infant things you'll only use for a few months before the baby outgrows them.
    Thank you for all your work on this site. It's my "go-to" for YW's! I would love, love, love it if you offered a search bar or if you labeled your items and offered labels to the side.

    1. Oh you are too sweet! Thanks a million for the good advice on carseat, stroller, and highchair!

  8. Six years ago I researched everything and at the time the best rated car seat and stroller were the Graco duraglide (its a double stroller). I still have them and am using them with my 4th child, 2 months old. Definitely get the travel pack! I can take the car seat out, set it in the stroller without waking her up, etc. Now that I have had my 4th (and last) child, I wish someone would have told me that if you're planning on having a "big mormon family", to buy the essential stuff NEW. I am a huge thrifter- pretty much everything we own is second hand. But I bought second hand everything for my baby and it did not last. With an exception of something being second hand that you know the people it came from and it is still like new. Like the crib, the stroller, the bouncy seat. The second hand changing table is fine but we really had to beef it up and reinforce it. Those other items fell apart, and I take care of my stuff! Also, NEVER buy a used car seat, it is worth your child's safety to buy new, it is actually illegal to sell used ones because you never know if its been in an accident or whatever and you dont want to take the chance of your childs safety from a faulty seat compromised. The biggest saving factor would be used clothes and store brand diapers and wipes--- will save you TONS! Anyway, I hope this helps, sorry I am just a stranger rattling on, found your blog through pinterest, I am a YW leader and love your printables! Good luck!!!

    1. You are awesome! Thanks a ton for the good information. Seriously, I didn't even think about half those things! Your advice is much appreciated!

  9. (I haven't read all of the previous comments so if I repeat something Im sorry!) CARSEAT-my biggest mistake with my first baby,also was a boy,was picking out what was the cutest.My best advice would be to pick out the LiGhTeSt carseat,weight wise.I swear I picked the heaviest flippin seat then on top of that I had a 9lb fat head :)

    STROLLERS-With that cute heavy carseat I picked out came a matching bulky stroller I nevvvver used. Those crappy wheels have horrible turning radius and they always get stuck,like an over sized umbrella stroller.It wasnt cheap either.What I did end up using until my second son was 3 was a $120 jogging stroller from walmart.What made me love it,whether I even ran with it,was it folded down much flatter than the bulky 4wheeled strollers and the front wheel could be locked or unlocked to pivot-ie locked to jog and pivoting to walk around the mall or theme parks etc.The front wheel also came off easily for even more compact traveling.The wheels rolled so smooth and easy,not like others where you feel you are pushing a dumpster up hill.

    I would totally buy a crib off craigslist,and we did.Clean it up and you are good to go.No use spending a ton of money for a new one 'off the lot'. Ive bought a lot of baby things used,you can wash or steam almost anything.Carseats I always bought new of course.

    Congratulations on baby boy!Im about 3mo in to pregnancy with my third.I know Im just some random stranger but thank you for saving me every sunday!My beehives love visuals and I always attach something glittery or diamonds etc to the teacher ever.

    1. Congratulations! That is so exciting! And thanks for frequently visiting our blog! I loved your advice and will definitely take it into account! Thanks for taking the time to give some advice to a first time clueless mommy!

  10. Hi, I'm a total stranger. But I stumbled across your blog a couple weeks and ago and I have to say THANK YOU! I love your YW handouts. I especially love the notecards that go with this months' family lessons.

    I also have to say congrats! Becoming a mom for the first time is fabulous. What a lucky guy you have to be coming into a home where he was planned for and where he will be taught the gospel.

    As for your questions ... (since I'm a fairly new mom with two littles, 2.5 and 10 months) ... shortly after my first was born I compiled this list on amazon. It might help give you some ideas for baby shower wish lists. And it answers your question about car seats and strollers (at least my opinion to your question).

    Personally, I wouldn't buy a crib off craigslist. Cribs and carseats are the two things I encourage people to buy new. Your little one's safety is so important. All the other furniture in the baby's room -- go ahead and buy second hand and paint away!

    Don't worry about feeling like you have a lot to learn. It is easy to get overwhelmed, but you will learn it all as time goes on. Enjoy these last couple of months of pregnancy.

    And thanks again for your awesome blog!

    1. I loved the list! Thanks so much for sharing it with me! I am going to definitely be using it!