Missionary Address Cards

This week I decided to make some simple cards you could pass out to family and friends before your mission!
They are simple to make and a fun way for your loved ones to keep track of your mailing address
(and a reminder to send you those much needed letters!!!)

I created 4 simple designs for both sisters and elders as seen below. 
To finish off the cards, all you will need to do is print them off, 
add a wallet sized photo, and fill in the information!

My biggest recommendation would be download a copy of the PDF by clicking the links below, 
and take them to a local copy center and print the cards on a nice white cardstock. 
That way you will be able to easily write on the cards, but they still look high quality!
(You will also get 2 cards on one page)

Also, keep in mind that I created these images as a 4x6 so if you attempt to change the sizing, 
you may run the risk of slightly blurring the image!

Good luck and feel free to print off, share, and use!

Pink Sister Address Card

Red Sister Address Card

Blue Elder Address Card

Green Elder Address Card


  1. I love your blog! I always save everything you do so I can keep it forever. Would it be possible to get these 4X6's in a jpeg format? Then in all of my computer "wisdom", I could use PicMonkey for inserting the addresses. (I'm just kidding about the "wisdom". I'm a fake it til ya make it kind of gal. :)

  2. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  3. these are SO cute! i love!

    xo, keena

  4. Thank you so much for these! I was so bummed that I didn't have anything cute to give friends and family for my address (I leave in 3 days!) and then I found these! Perfect! Thank you for making my day!