29 Weeks

How is it that I am just a a couple weeks from being 7 months pregnant?
7 months?
The time is zipping by and before we know it our baby boy will be here.
With every passing day I get more excited
and feel more overwhelmed that I am being entrusted with this child.
Blessed has truly become the word of this pregnancy.
I must think how blessed I am a hundred times a day.

But there are the realities of pregnancy, despite the overwhelming gratitude.
Overall, I am feeling good.
I am starting to understand the pains of pregnancy more and more.
My biggest complaint in the last month?
My right ribs - ouch!
I am fairly certain that he isn't kicking them - just hanging out right up against them.
Sitting has become less and less comfortable for this reason.
This week Brett told me that I, "need to tell him who is boss."
I think he is in for a rude awakening that this little guy is now the boss.

He is getting more and more feisty.
I think it must be because he is becoming squished in there.
His kicks have changed from hard and little to feeling like an elbow or bum is going to pop out of my skin.
He is also moving more frequently, especially at night.

I think we are set on a name, but are a bit apprehensive about sharing it.
I especially worry about becoming indecisive.

I had my 28 week doctors appointment last week.
I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing that little heart beat coming out of my belly.
What a miracle.
I now go to the doctor every 2 weeks for 3 visits - and then every week.
I know this will make time fly by.

Baby prep.
I am still slow at making decisions.
There is just so much research to do.
And to be honest, I will probably never master these safety ratings.
For now, suggestions from friends and family is doing the trick.
Thanks to your comments I decided on a carseat, crib and stroller.
Yay! That is progress for me.
Now I am looking at my piles of clothes and wondering if I have enough or way too much for some ages.
How many outfits should I have for each age?

A few nights ago, Brett and i lay awake talking about how our lives are about to change forever.
With all the hub bub of baby clothes, cribs, bumper pads, sheets etc etc
it seems that the important things get over looked.
The important thing isn't the color of his bedding or how many outfits he has.
What is important is this life and perfect spirit that is coming into our home.
Over the past few weeks all I can think about is the delivery room
and seeing Brett hold our little piece of heaven.
My heart swoons over the thought of our growing family.
I am fairly certain that we are already obsessed with this little munchkin.


  1. I always had way more clothes than my kids ever needed. I would plan on clothes for a week and a half. That way you would have clothes for at least a week clean at all time.
    It is so easy to fill up their drawers, because everything is so little. And you can always get more if needed.
    He will be one spoiled little boy, with love!

  2. Beautifully expressed--as usual, Courtney. Thanks for sharing your feelings!!! The little munchkin is soo blessed that you and Brett will be his "goodly parents!" One small bit of advice--when the tag on the little guy's clothing says "6 months" that usually means he can NOT wear it after 6 months! Always pull those special and cute clothes out early, otherwise he may not be able to fit into it anymore. From an experienced mother and grandmother!

  3. You are such a cute pregnant lady! I am so excited for you! Thanks for all the wonderfully wonderful things you create!