Come Follow Me: Why do we pay tithing?

I am excited to be getting a head start on handouts for the Come Follow Me curriculum for the month of September.
The overall focus of the month is "The Commandments".
The handouts below directly coordinate to the lesson outline...

Feel free to print off , share, and use for your lessons!

You can download the handouts by right clicking on the picture and selecting "save image as" 
and then copy and paste the images in a word document or download a PDF image by clicking on the links below.
Keep in mind that  if you attempt to change the sizing, you may run the risk of slightly blurring the image! 

Above is a fun handout meant to look like a tithing slip and inspired by Elder Hales article

For a PDF download of the handout (two on one sheet) CLICK HERE

Above is another handout about the blessings that come from paying tithing inspired by President Eyring's article,

For a PDF download of the handout (two on one sheet) CLICK HERE


  1. you're amazing! i seriously love all of your stuff and am totally jealous at the same time that i'm just not that creative/awesome! so thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

  2. I wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU so much for your amazing handouts. They are inspirational, creative, gorgeous, and well, perfect! You are so wonderful to share your talents and time with all of us. After all, we are working together to "build up the kingdom of God"!

  3. THANK YOU, Every week I look forward to your handouts that I may share with our YW. You are so talented and thoughtful. Thank you for taking your time out to share your talents and these amazing ideas!

  4. thank you for your hard work, love your creativity !