32 Weeks

I can hardly believe it.
Less than 2 months until my due date.
52 days to be exact, in fact.
The days are flying by. 

My due date is November 3.
For some reason I have a feeling he is going to come a couple days early.

I can honestly say that I have loved being pregnant. 
Yes, it has its realistic bummer moments but the whole process is so fun.
I am determined to not wish the next few weeks away - 
even though I am dying to meet our little boy.

I still feel pretty good and really can't complain.
 I have definitely noticed a few changes in how I feel in the last week or two. 
My calves, feet, face and hands are swollen.  And I feel tingling in my feet.
 I think my circulation is just a little off. It is the worst in the morning.
I am trying to go on walks once a day.
 I think it helps a little with swelling.

 I have been waking up at least once a night to go to the bathroom - sometimes two or three.
 This is VERY abnormal for me. 
I am a heavy sleeper and never.ever. wake up in the middle of the night. 

I don't have many cravings but I feel like I eat 
I don't like to eat big meals - just a little bit almost every other hour. {Sad, but true} 
I do want sweets - a lot. 

We had a bit of a scare during week 31.
I had been having some pretty bad stomach pains 
and noticed my face and body quickly swelling (not to mention a MAJOR migraine).
Around 8:30 pm at night I called my doctor and she requested I come into the hospital.
I guess it was at that moment my motherly instincts kicked in high drive 
because I suddenly became so worried and forgot about all the pain I was experiencing.
I could only pray and hope that everything was okay with our little guy. 
I quickly let Brett know what was going on.
He was a total champ.
Calm and loving as can be. 
Gosh I love that man and sincerely do not know what I would do without him. 

Long story short, everything was and is perfectly okay with me and the baby.
I was monitored throughout the evening and allowed to early the next morning.

The Arizona heat has been pretty brutal to my body. 
I was really dehydrated and physically exhausted. 
I am taking it easy for now and staying out of the 100 + degree weather. 
I can't describe how scary the experience was for me, 
but how grateful I am that everything was okay.  

We have really kicked into gear around here with the baby stuff. 
I have had a lot of fun prepping this little guy's room. 
I find myself going into his nursery a few times a day and just sitting down.
I often find myself in tears.
All I can say is my heart is so full of love for this boy.

We are still trying to decide on a middle name.

Brett is gushing more and more over babies. 
I cannot believe how excited he is.
A few weeks ago he even showed off some of the beby's outfits to some friends. Very unlike him. 
The baby definitely kicks for him.
Cheesy as it sounds, I think he knows and loves Brett's voice and touch.
He starts kicking like crazy when he is around.
 It is adorable! I feel like I am getting a glimpse into his personality. 

 I love that in the middle of the night Brett will roll over and put his hand on my stomach - in his sleep.
 It is this little moment in time that I hope to never forget. 
Just as this baby is prepping for life - we are prepping for parenthood.

Oh little one, we are already so in love with you. 
I am anxiously waiting to see your sweet face, little fingers and tiny toes.


  1. I totally remember those moments of pre-parenthood. They are so sweet and seem now to have been so fleeting yet replaced by so many new and even more wonderful moments. SO excited for you!!

  2. You look adorable!! Glad things are going so well. You're an inspiration. Really. Keep it up!

  3. You are so cute! Glad everything is good for you and baby boy.

  4. You look great :) Bon courage (as we say in french) :)

  5. I was a little worries since you hadn't blogged for a bit. SO happy all is well. I am excited for you and love your blog!