Come Follow Me: Work as a Gospel Principle

Here are just a few more handouts to add to November's Come Follow Me outlines!
The overall focus of the month is "Spiritual & Temporal Self-Reliance".

The handouts below directly coordinate to the lesson outline...
Feel free to print off , share, and use for your lessons!

As I read the lesson suggestions and correlating talks, I began to realize how important the principle of work really is! 

I love when President Hinckley said, 
"Most of us are inherently lazy. We would rather play than work. 
We would rather loaf than work. We have work to do, you and I, so very much of it. 
Let us roll up our sleeves and get at it, with a new commitment"

I'll admit, sometimes I am one who likes to just take some time to relax... maybe a little more time than I should.
President Hinckley's quote reminded me of Nike's catchphrase, 


Those two things combined really inspired these handouts. I tried to give them a bit of a "sporty feel".
You could either hand them out to the young women as is or even pair them with a bottle of Gatorade could be cute!

You can download a PDF copy of the handouts and lesson helps by clicking on the links below.
I only provide PDF files, as the quality is much better for printing purposes
and I prefer the integrity of the designs not be changed or altered. Thanks for your understanding!

For a PDF download of the handout (2 on a page) CLICK HERE

For a PDF download of the handout (2 on a page) CLICK HERE

For a PDF download of the handout (4 on a page) CLICK HERE


  1. Hey! I read that you use Adobe Illustrator to make your cute quote pictures. Did you teach yourself or where did you learn?

    1. I am a total amateur! I just got it at the beginning of the year and have mostly learned through trial and error! I do love the program though! It really allows me to actual create things that I dream up in this crazy head of mine!

  2. Thank you for sharing your talents! I have been using your handouts for my Beehive class, and the girls have mentioned that they love them, and have been saving them. What will we all do after you have your baby?!

  3. you are awesome! seriously, very talented!

  4. I just have to thank you for all of your hard work and for making all of these cute, helpful things available to all of us! I thought it would be really cute and helpful if each month there was a printable sign that had the "Come Follow me" lesson theme for that month that we could just slip in a frame (like 8x10) and place on the table each month. I think it would be something nice for the YW to look at during opening exercises each week and also be a good reminder about what we're going to be studying that month. But, I know it's not like you aren't busy enough, but it's just a thought!:) Thanks again for all your cute things!!

  5. My Beehives ADORE your handouts!! I sure hope you continue to do this after baby comes! Please...please.... :)

  6. I just stumbled across your blog, and I was just called to be our ward's Young Women president. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your talents. The printables are super fun. I'll definitely be returning to your site. Also saw your maternity pics... not sure when you are/were due, but congrats and good luck with your new addition!

  7. I your ideas/handouts etc that you print to go along with lessons!! I always go to your blog first for ideas when I am preparing my YW lesson and I ALWAYS find my handout here! Thank you!! You help many people save so much time. Your printables and ideas are very creative and darling. Please keep making them. You are very talented and have wonderful taste. I just wanted to say thank you because I rely on you secretly. :) You are awesome!!

  8. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort that you put into these handouts! I love them, and so do my Laurels! I especially love that there are multiple handouts per page!! Thank you, thank you!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love the way you SEE the lessons!

  10. these are darling!!! thanks so much! I love your fresh designs.

  11. Thank you so much for the cutest cutout ideas! I am teaching young womens tomorrow and sugardoodle linked me to your handouts and I love them! Thanks again!

  12. Love these! Thanks for all the handouts you provide here. :)