Oliver Aitken: Month One

9 lbs. 2 oz.
22.5 Inches

My itsy bitsy Oliver turned one month old this week.
We kept him alive and healthy for one month people!
I am feeling like that is quite the accomplishment.

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on but I wanted to write down a few... 
ok... a lot, of things about Oliver during his first month of life. 
I don't blame you for not reading these - it is mostly for my purposes. 
I am sure they will get shorter with each month.

Everyone says he looks like his dad. 
I agree completely and love it.
 I really can't see any of me in him. Aitken baby for sure.

He has more hair on the back of his head than in the front and has random long spots. 
At times his eyes look a little green, but they are still in the "grayish" stage.

He is a complete mama's boy at this point. 
I can't tell you how much it melts my heart. 

He is still in newborn diapers, and up until last week, was wearing newborn clothes.
However, recently we had to move up to 0-3 month clothing simply because of his length!
I am shocked at how long he has gotten! Our little string bean.

He despises his binkie. Although he loves to suck. Go figure.
Sometimes I catch him sucking on his thumb.
It is pretty darn cute - although the dentist would probably say otherwise. 

He loves to eat. 
He turns his head to let us know he is hungry. 
Right now I am nursing and also supplementing with formula (due to a low milk supply)
When he does eat from a bottle, he attacks it with his mouth (throws head side to side)
and pulls the bottle towards his face using all his strength in his arms and hands.
As he eats he loves to grunt. It cracks Brett and I up. Weird and funny.

He falls asleep best when his head is on my chest and he is in the froggy position. 
He constantly keeps his hands up by his face - he was like that in his ultrasounds.

He loves to be sung to, especially primary songs.
Sometimes he likes being swaddled - sometimes not.
He LOVES being in the water. Bath time is an all time favorite in this household.
He does not spit up (hope I didn't just jinx myself).
He likes to be in his carseat and loves rides in the car.
He has had baby acne for about 10 days but we think it is going away.

He has had several blowouts.
He has also managed to pee all over Brett and I one morning 
as we were both trying to change his diaper and remained completely dry himself.

I told my Dad that he is really advanced with how well he can hold his head up - I swear he is. 
He laughed and said "And so it begins - you already believe your kid is a superstar." 
I'd have it no other way.

Sleeping is definitely not his strong suit. 
We are up to three hours like clock work. 
Yes - I am tired. But I am SO grateful to have such an amazing helpmate. 
Even though Brett is back at work (he had three weeks of paternity which was pure bliss),
he never complains and helps out with the feedings every night.
I realize this is not always the "norm", and feel SO grateful for his help.
He is so selfless and NEVER complains of being tired.
I love overhearing Brett singing to Oliver through the walls late at night. 
The amount of tenderness and love that fills his heart for that little boy is so apparent.
I'm telling you - if anyone deserves a "Father of the Year" award, it is that man.
Words can't describe my love for him.

At around two weeks Oliver started looking around. 
I still remember the first time he looked deep into my eyes.
Honestly, from my experience, there is no better feeling in the world. 

Let's just say I am obsessed with this little face and think he is a great baby
{despite his sleeping habits} but maybe I am partial.
Now that we are on our own during the day, 
we are learning how to navigate through every day tasks like showering, cleaning and going to the store. 
I will admit - it is harder than I thought.
 I've laughed a lot - cried quite a bit - but loved every.single.second of his first month of life.
 I can only pray he has too.


  1. He is ADORABLE. I love babies so much.

  2. so cute!! i was gonna tell you - try fenugreek for a low milk supply! or mothers love more milk plus supplements! i used them and doubled my milk supply within 24 hours!!

  3. Sweetheart! I think he looks like you. In my experience... whenever the blowouts start happening regularly - it is time to move up a diaper size! It is so sad to say goodbye to those sweet newborn diapers though :)

  4. Courtney, congratulations! You're story was so sweet. I'm so happy you got to spend so much time with your Mom before your cute baby came. You two are awesome. Oliver is adorable! Best wishes for your new life. It will be oh so new.
    Annie Ashton