Name and a Blessing: Oliver Hughes Aitken

Yesterday, December 29, Oliver received a name and a beautiful blessing, performed by his Daddy. 
It was such a beautiful day and one I hope to always remember.

Even though we were surrounded by people. one of my favorite moments of the blessing day 
was in the morning as the three of us got ready for church.
As Oliver lay on the bed watching mom and dad get ready, he continued to grin from ear to ear. 
As I looked down at him smiling and laughing, I was reminded what a little miracle he is.
Words can't describe how much joy Oliver has brought to our lives. 

It was a special morning to watch my husband, his father and my own father 
stand in a circle to give him a name and blessing that will carry him through this life.
Brett gave him a beautiful blessing and I felt that this little one's Heavenly Father has a lot in store for him.
{You can read about baby blessings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints here}

I was so worried Oliver was going to cry through the whole thing, but he didn't make a peep.
Miracles do happen.

When we were dating I was pretty convinced that Brett was anything but emotional.
Quite contrary.
Since this little guy has come to our family, things really get to him.
He's one big softy when it comes to our little family and the gospel.
Blessing Oliver was no different.

The sweet scalloped blanket was crocheted by Michelle for Oliver.
It is something I know we will hold onto for years and cherish.

The day was pretty busy with other events and we didn't really have a big "tadoo" after church.
It was probably the reminder that this sometimes "over-the-top" Mama needed.
Oliver's blessing day was just perfect and looking back I wouldn't change a thing.


We sure do love this little boy.
It is amazing how children come at a specific time for a specific purpose.
We can already see exactly why Oliver was supposed to come when he did.
He has brought a spirit into our home that would not have been possible without him
and at a time when it is definitely needed.
At times I look at him and wonder what he can remember about those moments before he came.
I remember right after Oliver was born and I was out and about one day a woman came up to me and said,
"What a pure thing in an evil world."
Couldn't have said it better myself.
He seems so close to God and we can feel it in our home daily.
You are our little miracle Oliver and we feel blessed beyond belief because we get to call you ours.


  1. What a sweet blessing you have received!! Wishing 2014 brings you many more awesome blessings!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Congratulations. I was wondering how you were doing after the birth of your son.