Diamonds in the Rough: Come Unto Christ and be Perfected in Him

Last night we held our New Beginnings program. 
It turned out awesome and I thought I would share some of our ideas!

We decided on the theme, 

Honestly, it was such a special night - one I hope the girls will always remember.
The spirit was definitely present as we focused on the worth of each individual girl 
and the blessings of participating in the young women program!

We decided to give the decorations a "tiffanys" feel - (to incorporate the "diamond" theme).
It turned out adorbs.
Super simple and SO cute! You can see all the details in the slew of pictures below!

 As a party favor, we made each of the girls their own "Tiffany's" diamond ring box.
Inside we included a giant (plastic) diamond ring.
Attached to the box we included a copy of the the 2014 mutual theme!

Not only were the decorations super cute,
but I think we all went home feeling filled with the spirit and a great love from our Heavenly Father.

Some of the highlights from the program included:

We were enlightened by our YW 1st counselor as she described the process of creating a diamond. 
She related the analogy to the YW and  explained how they were each "diamonds in the rough".
She emphasized how through trials and faith in Jesus Christ 
we become gradually more pure and more perfected - just like a diamond.

We know that in the church, families are central.
As YW leaders, we are there to support the families...never replace them!
We decided to learn together about how the personal progress experience can be enhanced as parents
and families get involved in helping their young woman work to achieve their goals. 
(there is some great information on that here and here)

We decided to invite three different mothers of the YW in our ward to briefly talk.
They each described ways they had been able to get involved in the 
pp program and discuss blessings they had seen as they helped their daughter.

It was so special and tender to hear the parent's perspective of the personal progress program.
Obviously, it is not always easy to work with our teenagers, 
(one mother even mentioned that sometimes their night would end in tears -
 and not always happy ones ha ha - isn't it the truth!?)
But each of the parents also expressed how it had blessed their relationships with their daughters 
(and their families as a whole!) as they helped their young women strive to accomplish her goals. 

It was a wonderful reminder that as the young women work towards completing their personal progress,
and they receive support from their parents, leaders, and families,
 they can learn now how to strengthen their homes NOW.

Our YW president wrapped up the night by speaking to the young women about the 
New Beginnings and Mutual theme for the year.

The spirit filled the room as she talked about the worth of each young woman.
She used the example of Peter and his growth as he learned from the Savior and compared that 
to each young woman in the room. 

It was very touching as she expressed her love for the girls as well as the Savior's love for them.
She described how we might each be a little "rough around the edges", but the Savior is there to help with that.
He is there to "perfect" us.

She also left a couple challenges with the girls.
First- To gain their own a testimony NOW. 
Second - Once they have that testimony and understand their worth, INVITE OTHERS.

We have quite a few girls who do not attend young women,
and she stressed the importance of us working together as friends to help those other young women to "Come Unto Christ".

It was a great message and I think we all walked away feeling motivated to do just a little better!

Here are a few of the images we used for decorations during the night!
These files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may not be redistributed or shared. 

The invitations and programs are not listed as a download because all my files are designed NOT to be edited. 
I post free ideas on my blog and I simply ask that they are changed or adjusted 
(as I own the original design).

With that being said, if you are interested in getting matching the matching invitations and programs, 
I am more than willing to help out! 
I do charge $5.00 to cover my time in personalizing your invitation and programs.
If you are interested in getting a custom matching program and invitations, you can place your order here!
Include you ward details in the buyer notes, and within 48 hours your will receive your personalized files for printing! 


  1. WOW courtney! this is all so cute! this is such a perfect calling for you because you are SO good at being cute and crafty! i am sure all the girls loved it :) so adorable!!

  2. Hi Courtney.... I love this theme!! We actually did it for ours last year and incorporated it into girls camp since we were "roughing" it in the good ol outdoors. All of our treats, handouts etc. revolved around polishing yourself into a beautiful diamond both on the inside and out. It turned out great and the girls loved it!
    Im just so grateful for all you cute stuff... thank you!!!

  3. You are amazing! You have no idea how much you have helped me in my YW calling! You're truly a blessing. Thank you for all the time you put in to this blog for our benefit. xoxo

  4. THIS is wonderful and perfect and I just love it!!! I will probably be contacting you to personalize our invites soon. I do have one question though. Do you invite JUST the new beehives and families for the 2014 year or are all the beehives and families invited? We only have 2 new beehives this year but got about 6 last year. I just am not sure how that works! THANK YOU!!!

    1. We actually invite all the young women (laurels, mia maids, and beehives) and all the new beehives coming up this year! We also decided to invite each of the girls' parents! It is a lot of people, but it makes the evening so special!

    2. When in doubt, refer to the handbook, it always answers my questions :) Here's a link that explains that all the YW and their parents are invited to New Beginnings. Happy planning!

  5. Hi there!!! I love this!! It's seriously PERFECT!!! I just have to get through my sons birthday this weekend and then all my attention goes to YWIE! I will definitely be contacting you for personalized invites! I have a question though. I noticed you made quite a lot of the boxes and was wondering if you give those to ALL the YW or just the beehives or just the new beehives coming up this year?! Also, who did you invite? The parents for ALL the YW, or just the new beehives coming up?! I REALLY would appreciate all your help!! THANK YOU!!!

  6. Do you mind sharing how you made the white paper diamonds hanging from the ceiling?

    1. They are super easy to make! I made a stencil and cut out a bunch of diamond shape. I then sewed two together right up the center (on top of each other). Once they were sewn together, I folded each of the sides open - making it a 3d effect! I then attached fishing line to the diamonds to hang from the ceiling!

  7. This is such an awesome idea! So darling! What is your new calling in YW? Fun :)

  8. Where did you get the diamond rings?

  9. Thank you so much :) I am in charge of our New Beginnings and this idea is perfect. I will be sharing it with my YW President and will be contacting you about the invites.

  10. Would you be willing to tell me what program you use to make these? I am starting to teach myself how to make stuff like this for our young women and am having a blast! Just trying to get advice from those who are more advance than I am! :) This is super cute BTW! I love it!!

  11. Wow I am amazed at your talent and I am so grateful for the help. I was already going with the Diamonds in the Rough theme but wasn't sure how I was going to put it all together. Your ideas have brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. What a blessing you are. Thanks so much for sharing this. I really appreciate it.

  12. This whole thing is amazing and beautiful. So classy. Love it all. Did you purchase the blue boxes or make them?

  13. where did you get the blue favor boxes?

  14. Hi There, I am the YW president in a ward in Brasil as me and my husband are living here. We loved your idea and would love to do a lot of them here. I would like to ask you how you make the printable because I need to have them written in Portuguese instead of English but I don't know how to make them. Thank you for sharing this idea - I loved it!!

    1. I use a graphic design program called Adobe Illustrator cs6 and create all my own ideas!

  15. Hi! I love your blog, thanks so much for your beautiful designs! I was just wondering what you guys put on the piano?! It's a brilliant use of space adding it in! Our New Beginnings is in about a week, and we're so excited!

  16. This is perfect, I love it! You are so creative! We are having our New Beginnings in a couple of weeks and would like to incorporate a lot of the same ideas. Could you please tell me how you made the cute diamond food pics? Did you have to glue the cutouts onto the tooth pics or were you able to find them already made? Thank You!

  17. This is perfect, I love it! You are so creative! We are having our New Beginnings in a couple of weeks and would like to incorporate some of the same ideas. Could you please tell me how you made the cute diamond food pics? Did you have to make them or did you find them already made? Thank you!

  18. Hi, I love this idea and am using it for our new beginnings. I am having trouble downloading the poster and prints in a high enough resolution so that I can have them printed at Costco. What am I doing wrong? What is the best way to print your downloads? Thank you so much for your help!

  19. Thanks for magnifying your talent to create all this. And thanks for sharing with us. We are using this for our New Beginnings. Here's an idea that might help someone else: I am planning on talking about not only how we can be changed and perfected through Christ, but also how once we are perfected, we become like prisms to show the true light of Christ in all its beauty. I'll tie this in with the value colors.

  20. Wow you are awesome! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us YW leaders. These are great and very helpful! Thanks for your time and service. ♥

  21. Wow! You are awesome! Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas with us YW leaders. These are very helpful and inspiring ideas. Thank you so much for your service to the families you serve, as well as others in the world. ♥

  22. I am looking for a LDS song I remember hearing, maybe in YW when I was a youth. But the lyrics in the song are about being a "Diamond in the Rough.''....and "shining." I don't know the name of the song or the artist. If any of you know the song I am thinking of can you help me out? Thanks

  23. I am trying to find a song I remember hearing when I was younger. I don't know the exact song title or artist. But the lyrics were about being "a diamond in the rough" ... "shining." If any of you ladies know the song I am talking about can you help me out? Title? Artist?

  24. Hello! Awesome work on this New Beginnings. I don't see a link to the invitation template. Did I just miss it?

  25. Wow! Great work on this NB. I didn't see the template for the invitation. Did I just miss it?

  26. Thank you for sharing your talents!! You are a blessing to me!! I am using your print outs for our New Beginnings tonight! Thanks again for all you do!

  27. Thank you for sharing your talent! You are a blessing to me! I am using your print outs for New Beginnings tonight! They look fantastic!!!

  28. LOVE your ideas! i want to decorate our chairs like you have. what material did you use? i went to Joann's fabric and couldn't find anything! (our NB is tomorrow!!!) thanks so much!

  29. i LOVE what you did with the chairs! what material did you use? i have been looking everywhere and can't find it. (our NB is tomorrow!!) thanks!

  30. i LOVE what you did with the chairs! what material did you use? i have been looking everywhere and can't find it. (our NB is tomorrow!!) thanks!

  31. Did you make your own blue boxes? do you have a step by step pattern of how to fold the paper, or did you purchase already made boxes?

  32. Okay, this is amazing! I love this idea. Totally using it and I am contacting you for custom invites :) Thanks for sharing your gifts with those of us who creatively challenged....

  33. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing your gifts so freely (literally :) with those of us who are creatively challenged! Totally using this and contacting you for custom invites!

  34. I was having ipad issues! Thank you so much. This is amazing!

  35. Courtney,
    How can I get the 20x30 poster?

  36. Thank you so much for the amazing ideas and for so generously sharing all your printables and hard work. This is really wonderful!