Come Follow Me: Why is Jesus Christ Important?

Here are a few more fun handouts to spark some inspiration for the "Come Follow Me" outline, .

Feel free to print off , share, and use for your lessons!

You can download a PDF copy of the handouts and lesson helps by clicking on the links below.
I only provide PDF files, as the quality is much better for printing purposes
and I prefer the integrity of the designs not be changed or altered. Thanks for your understanding!

For a PDF download of the handout CLICK HERE

One thing that I love as I listen and read messages from our church leaders, is their testimonies of the Savior.
I especially love to hear the testimonies of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and First Presidency.
I always feel the spirit as they share their witness of Jesus Christ.
In the handout above, I compiled some of testimonies of the Twelve and First Presidency.

I though it was also important that the young women could ponder and contribute their testimonies of Jesus Christ on the handout. 
There is a pace at the bottom of the handout for the girls to write down their thoughts and feelings about the Savior.

For a PDF download of the handout (13 to a page) CLICK HERE

I really loved this talk from Elder Holland.
It actually inspired both the handouts see above and below. 
I was really touched when I read Elder Holland's message about the Savior. 
At the end of his talk, he paints a picture of the day that we will meet Jesus Christ.
He suggested that he might ask us each the question, "Did you love me?".

What a great reminder and thought to contemplate and carry us throughout life!
How do we show the love for the Savior in our daily lives?
The handouts above might be placed in a spot they look at everyday (IE: mirror, scriptures, bedroom, etc.)
It could be a reminder to them of the importance of Jesus Christ in their lives.

For a PDF download of the handout (4 to a page) CLICK HERE


  1. I am so grateful for the amazing things you create and your generosity in freely sharing them. I have them in my journals and added my thoughts to them. I have shared them with others. Don't ever think what you create and share in taken for granted or not appreciated. Very grateful over here. Thank you! Your little cutie is adorable!!

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  4. Thank you so much for your handouts! They are perfect! :)

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