Come Follow Me: How can I find comfort in death?

Here are just a couple handouts to spark some inspiration for the "Come Follow Me" lesson outline, 

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PDF download of the handout (4 to a page)

I really loved this talk from Russell M. Nelson.
Death can be seem like such an unknown and scary thing for a lot of people,
but Elder Nelson clearly explains that it does not have to be!
We know so much about what happens after this life thanks to modern day revelation!
I love his in depth explanation of the Plan of Salvation and how we can
find comfort and peace even when we lose someone who is near and dear to us.
I was really inspired by his closing remarks and created the handout above because of it!

PDF download of the handout (4 to a page)

I just love this scripture. I think it is such a great reminder, that even in the most trying of times,
we can always find peace from our Savior.
As we encounter a loss in our lives, what a great reminder of always turning to Jesus Christ for comfort.


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