Missionary Letter Idea

Here is a fun little idea I thought I would share for those much cherished missionary letters!

A little bit of background...
Recently my little sister received her call to Milwaukee, Wisonsin.
Honestly I could not be more proud of that girl.
I know she is going to be a stellar missionary and cannot wait to hear about experiences!

Her long time boyfriend is also serving a mission.
She decided she wanted to have a place where they could keep their letters 
(rather than keeping them in a box or running the risk of them being thrown away).

She decided to get each of them a white binder.
She filled both binders with lined paper, envelopes, and stamps.
She kept one of the binders and sent one to her "missionary".

Now, each time they write a letter, they have a place to keep and cherish it.
Over time, they will be creating a collection of missionary messages.
How clever!

She asked me to make a cover for each of there binders, and below is what I came up with!
I fell in love with the idea! I decided to highlight on a map where they are each serving.

After creating the binder covers, I had some missionary moms and families like the idea!
They also created some "Missionary Message" binders 
where they could keep and cherish the letters from their missionary.
Below is another design I created for a friend and her son who is serving in Nebraska!

Overall, I just love the idea! 
What a wonderful way to keep some of the most beautiful experiences 
and memories of our loved ones serving in the field!


  1. I LOVE THIS! How much would it be to have you do a missionary messages for me? My husband and I wrote our entire missions. He served in Switzerland and I served in Spain....could you do a European map? I want to organize all of our letters and this idea is perfect. Please let me know if you would have time to do it. I know how much time little ones require....Thanks so much!

  2. Very good idea! I have a son that will be leaving in June. Do you have any covers without a place and name on it. It would also be cute with the world map.

  3. LOVE this! We have a son out and a daughter ready to tag team him in the fall! I wish I had something like this as a missionary for my family! Are you selling these yet?

    1. Great question! Well if you are wanting the same design, just personalized for you and your children and I would be more than glad to do that for you! I would just charge $5.00 for each customized design! And I can do the world map or change up the colors if you would like as well! If that is something you are interested in you can order it on my Etsy shop here!

      Thanks for visiting the blog!!!

  4. My sister is in the Milwaukee mission!!! I always get so excited when other people are there. She just left in October. :) I came looking for something for my Young Women for tomorrow and instead I got a little surprise. :)