Oliver Aitken: Month Two

I honestly wish someone would have told me to just make it through the first six weeks.
I am quickly learning that there are several major breakthroughs with infants. 
Whether or not these breakthroughs are actually with the babe or with the Mom I am still not sure. 

In his second month of life, Oliver spent the majority of his time in Utah.
We decided to head up to the cold to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family.
To say I was nervous about taking my newborn from 70 degree weather 
to freezing cold conditions is a bit of an understatement... 
Thank goodness for bundleme carseat covers!
It was a real lifesaver as I ran around with Oliver doing last minute Christmas shopping!
Speaking of carseats, he loves being in that thing!
There was about a 10 hour drive from Phoenix to Utah , and he took it like a champ!

Don't let those chubster cheeks fool you. 
In real life Oliver is squishy... but tiny and tall.
I basically just love those teeny rolls all day long. 
He is still in size 1 diapers at this point and wearing 0-3 month clothing...
although he is a little too tall for some of his outfits.
I laughed at church this week when I held him up to a 7 month old and he was the same length.
I guess that is what he gets for having a 6'4 daddy and a 5'11 mommy. 
I am excited to get him to the doctor this week and find out his exact height and weight.

Sleeping at night is still a no go.
He wakes about every 2.5-3 hours.
I have skimmed a few books on sleeping theories. 
Lets be honest - I should really sit down and read one and make a plan. 
 But for the most part I am just trying to do what works for us. 
I plan on starting a night time routine this week, 
and hopefully we will see some results in the next few weeks.

The mornings are his happiest time. 
I swear I could lay and watch those smiles all day long.
Keep em' coming Oliver. 
After Brett leaves in the morning, I usually transfer Oliver in bed with me. 
It's our little tradition.
He is usually wide awake from 9-10:30 and oh how I cherish the time.

As of late, Oliver would rather be sitting or standing than laying on his back.
He is starting to find that his hand fits nicely in his mouth.
Boy oh boy, are those things a slobbery mess.

This little boy's grin is contagious. 
At four weeks he started smiling, but around 2 months it really started settling in. 
He smiles all.the.time. 
He has even started to stop eating and look up at me and smile. 
Honestly, it makes my world stop. 
That is what having a baby is all about. 

Before we left Utah, he was laying on the bed and Brett and I were laying in front of him. 
I was teasing Brett and we were laughing about something. 
Suddenly we both looked at Oliver.
 It was as if he was so happy to see that his parents adore each other.
 He was smiling this huge grin and then let out a loud coo and giggle.
 It was the first time he had really laughed. 
It was by far my favorite moment the three of us have had together.
 Goodness it was wonderful.

I will be the first to admit, motherhood is hard. 
I'll definitely be posting about the adjustment soon. 
I don't think adjusting is something we should be ashamed of.
 Its a big life change. If it weren't hard - it wouldn't be glorious. 
And boy is it glorious. 

I can already see Oliver's personality shining through.
 He is genuinely happy to see me when he wakes up.
 He is social. 
He likes it when people smile and talk to him. 
He likes to be in on the action. 
He likes to play with his Daddy and be comforted by Mommy. 
He is perfect in every single way and worth all of the early mornings and hours of bouncing.
We love you little Ollie.


  1. I don't know why I'm so terrified to become a mom, but this post really helped calm some of those fears! Thanks for being real and honest. Also, he is THE cutest babe!

  2. What a little cutie! I'm looking forward to your next post. I only have bonus kids right now, I'm finishing nursing school before my husband and I have children together and I've often wondered about the transition. It seems that many mothers don't talk about it.

    PS - I like you even more now that I know your height. I'm 5'11 too! Call me shallow, but I'm just being honest :-)

  3. Ok, your little guy is a doll! Motherhood is amazing, isn't it? P.S. Love your blog & your designs! Hello, talent!? Keep it up!

  4. So, I think it deleted my comment originally but it went soemthing like this...
    Your little guy is a doll! Isn't motherhood amazing? Love your blog and designs - hello, talent! Keep it up!