Come Follow Me: Who am I, and who can I become?

I realize that I am not as on top of monthly ideas for young women as I used to be,
but thanks to all my loyal followers and their patience as I get back into the swing of things!

On the little downtime I have had I have been reading up on the Come Follow Me outlines for this month!
I love that we are repeating the outlines from last year, but get the opportunity to study new resources!
It has been wonderful for me to be able to go back and review my notes from last year, and continue learning.

The overall focus of this month is "The Godhead".
I have loved reading up and studying the outlines this month!

I have created a couple fun handouts and lesson helps to spark some inspiration!
The handouts below directly coordinate to the lesson outline...

Feel free to print off , share, and use for your lessons!

You can download a PDF copy of the handouts and lesson helps by clicking on the links below.
I only provide PDF files, as the quality is much better for printing purposes
and I prefer the integrity of the designs not be changed or altered. Thanks for your understanding!

For a PDF download of the handout (4 to a page) CLICK HERE

I really loved this talk from Sister Elaine S. Dalton. 
I love how she emphasizes the importance of strengthening our relationship with our Heavenly Father. 
She also emphasizes how each young women is special... how we matter. 
Sometimes I believe as women, we get caught up thinking we aren't good enough.
We often compare ourselves to others which can cause feeling of inadequacy.
What a great talk and reminder of how special we each are and how there is great potential that lies in ALL of us.

For a PDF download of the handout (2 to a page) CLICK HERE

This is actually a repeat print from the General Conference designs I created back in October.
I remember when Elder Christofferson spoke about the moral force of women, I was so touched.
It was a great reminder to me of my purpose and the significant role I play in my family and community. 
What a special message to the women and reminder of our influence in the world!

For a PDF download of the handout (2 to a page) CLICK HERE

This handout and idea was sparked from the outline suggestions and an activity
 I did with the young women in my previous ward (read more here).

You could print off these cards with each young women's name on them and pass them around the class.
Each young women could take turns writing down divine qualities 
they see in the young women whose name is on the card.
At the end each young women would receive a card with some of their positive qualities written on it. 
They could keep the card as a constant reminder that they are of worth.


  1. You are amazing! Thanks for the great website and printables.

  2. I absolutely LOVE all your printables!! Thank you!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE all your printables!! Thank you!!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful printables each month! My young women love how colorful and fun they are, and I love how easy you make it for me!

  5. Thank you so much for the adorable printables each month! My young women love how fun and colorful they are, and I love how easy you make it for me to have a handout for my lessons!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these!

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents, and for making my lessons fun and exciting for the Young Women.

  8. Thank you SO much for the time, creativity, and effort you put into these beautiful handouts and lesson ideas. It adds so much to my Laurel lessons each week and the girls always love them! xo

    1. Ditto! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  9. This is my first time viewing your site and I LOVE it! I'm really looking forward to this week's lesson! I know my girls are going to love all the handouts. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  10. I am so happy you are back! I love all of your cute handouts! Thank you for sharing your talent to help make our lessons more fun!

  11. SO new to YWs and very intimidated by it all. Your printables are beautiful and very helpful and a HUGE blessing! Thank you!

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