Oliver Aitken : Month Three

In Oliver's third month of life his, personality has really started to shine.
He has become our little spit fire.
Everything he does is cracking us up.
We are such first time parents - hanging on every move.

At his last check - up, Oliver weighed 13 lbs 5 oz.
He is almost 25 inches long and I swear growing in length everyday.
No joke - I am pretty sure he jumped from 0-3 to 6 month clothing overnight.
They are definitely baggy on him, but at least his ankles aren't always showing.

Also, during his check-up, he received his first set of shots.
Honestly, I wasn't ready for the consequences of shots.
Oliver handled it like a champ ... I cried like a baby.
Later that night the fever set in.
Oh it was so sad. His first fever of many I suppose.
Poor thing.

Lately, Oliver is always accompanied with a mouth full of drool.
He has also decided that shoving his whole fist in his mouth is the cats meow.

We will basically do anything in this house to get a giggle or a smile out of Oliver.
Often times that leads to Brett and I looking like complete crazy people, but I tell you -
it's worth it.

He has been going down to bed around 7:30 - 8:00 every night. 
He wakes up around 6:30, but still eats about every 2-4 hours in between.
Oliver doesn't even open his eyes to eat at night.
He just gets the job done and then goes right back to sleep.
I haven't really worried too much about a sleep routine - I don't think that is my forte.
I just usually follow his lead - and since we stay in quite a bit - a natural pattern has kind of formed.
His sleeping isn't perfect, and I am definitely still feeling tired...
but so far we feel okay about our little groove.

In that last few weeks Oliver has really come out of his shell.
He thinks anything his daddy does is hysterical and 
he loves to sit and chat with me in the mornings when we are alone.

I look at pictures and can see how much he is growing.
I have bittersweet feelings about him getting older.
I look at those newborn pictures and ache to hold that sleepy quiet babe.
But as I wish for those moments back 
my sweet little buddy will smile at me and reach to touch my face.
It isn't an easy feat and it requires some serious concentration.
Watching those little fingers move in slow motion to feel my cheeks makes my heart swell.

It just hit me today.
I am his person.
The one who soothes him and makes him feel safe.
It is me he will reach for - forever.
I will fix the boo boo's. The broken hearts and injured egos.
It is my job.
No matter how much training someone else has - 
they can't nurture Oliver like I can.
Not because I am skilled or some super mom.
But because I am HIS mom.
No training or book could have prepared me for his specific personality or spirit.
He was always meant for me and I was meant for him.
As much as that intimidates me, 
(and heaven knows I only have about a billion things to learn)
it brings me the most incredible joy.
That right there - that is joy in it's purest form.

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