Young Women Valentines Day Card: You Are Loved

As a presidency, we decided we wanted to use Valentines Day
as another special day to let our young women know that they are loved!

We decided that we are going to give them each a card with a heartfelt message in it
from each of us as their young women leaders.
We are going to pair the card with a cute little treat and deliver it to the girls on valentines day!

The card itself is really simple because we really wanted to focus on the messages of love!
Below are downloads for the card front design!
You could either keep the cards really simple like we did, or spruce them up as your heart desires!

I have made two different versions of the valentine!
One is specifically for your young women.
The second is a  more generic one that could come from any other organization 
(IE: relief society presidency, visiting teacher, etc.)

I hope you enjoy sharing a little extra valentine love this holiday with a heartfelt note!


  1. Courtney, Thank you so much!! Every year I send valentines to my 29 nieces and nephews all over the country. I am going to use this and some of your other, heart and love themed designs. The "Love Monster" also visits our house every day of Valentines week and this will definitely find it's way into my little one's "mailboxes" :) Your website has been such a huge blessing for me! I use it a lot for my YW calling, but also for FHE, and thinking-of-you gifts.

    You truly are using your talents to bless the world, and build the kingdom of God. Thank-you, thank-you and Happy Valentines week!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! We are on a mission in Peru and I get to teach in Primary. This really helped me make my kids feel special! AND I could get all the pieces I needed-that is a challenge here with no car!

  3. Hi Courtney,
    I just found your blog while I was looking for some handouts for my beehives. Thank you so much for sharing your talents! I just know that your generosity has blessed so many. I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on how to learn to use Illustrator better so that I can create my own handouts that are tailored specifically to my girls' needs. I have had the program for a few years and I am very interested in doing it myself (and yours are so sweet and simple and inspiring!), I'm just unsure about how to get started! Thanks again!

  4. I seriously adore your blog!! I found it through pinterest & have come back to it for the MOST adorable ideas!! Just wondering if you have any printables for the new month! (That started today ha ha!! ) I teach tomorrow & thought I would try & find a sweet printable on repentance! Thank you!!

    p.s love the new beginings game printable! We are involved in a less active ward & we STRUGGLE to get girls to make church & yw & priority (all the parents are inactive or not members) so we are having a GAME NIGHT so it will make the parents all want to come!! What a darling printable!! Thank you!