Oliver Aitken: Month Five

Our little boy is growing up too quickly.
 I'll admit that at times I still worry about missing anything he does.  
I am definitely guilty of staying home more than anyone should admit. 
But he's just changing so quickly. 
The other night Brett and I flipped through some old pictures from the past five months and we could hardly believe our eyes.
It's like the changes  happened over night. 
As much as I miss my snuggly newborn, every stage becomes my new "favorite."
 Lets be honest though - every stage is amazing. 

This month I would describe Oliver as very curious and alert.
Although I have noticed he is pretty shy in public. Funny at how that happens at such a young age.
But around the house he is a little spit fire and does not want to sit still.
No more snuggling for us. 
I live for those moments where he falls asleep in my arms. -
 It is rare, but my goodness I love snuggling him close.

Oliver has finally decided solids aren't so bad.
This improvement has made me feel like a new person - I'm telling you! It's in the small things!
He grunts and kicks out of excitement when he sees a spoonful of rice cereal coming right at him. 
He tries to grab the spoon and shove it in his mouth by himself, so I have to pry his fingers off.
He has quite the strong grip I tell you!

He is the most happy in the morning.
He usually doesn't cry very hard when he wakes up and 
when I go into his nursery he is just swinging his legs up and down against the bed in excitement.
The second I pick him up he reaches up and touches my face.
I swear he knows how to kiss as he puts his mouth against my cheeks when he grabs my face.
But that is probably just my own imagination.

He has a new found love for being outside and loves when we go on walks.
Thankfully it has been super warm and we go on 2-3 (45 minute) walks a day - Usually right before nap time.
He is so alert as we walk around and tries to soak in all his surroundings.
I absolutely adore watching him explore and learn about the things that are happening around him.
Such a curious little boy.

Can we talk about this face for a second?
Bright brown beaming eyes.
A huge gummy grin with drool dripping down.
Yes, he is our little miracle.
I am also certain he has my eyebrows.
Bless him.

I say it all the time, but I wish there was a pause button.
I get weepy thinking about how quickly the past 5 months have passed. 
Never has time passed so quickly.
Please someone invent the pause button- and make it snappy!

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  1. He is absolutely beautiful. (Is that weird to say? I just think he's a gorgeous baby. Cute is not an adequate word to describe him.) I totally agree with wanting a pause button. My 6 year old son just lost a front tooth and it makes him look so much older, it's freaking me out!