Oliver Aitken: Month Four

These pictures are a compilation of a couple of tries to get some good shots of this little munchkin.
After several failed attempts, and many blurry photos,
 I decided that there was no need to capture something that just doesn't exist.
Simply put :: Oliver does not sit still.
So, bare with these blurry photos.

His little personality keeps coming out more and more with every single day and I can hardly contain my love.
Some times I squish those chubby cheeks right up next to mine and take a big deep breath in.
I never want to forget these moments.
I am soaking all of him in each and every day.

We had Oliver's 4 month check-up this week, and it could not have gone any better.
He got all of his shots and DID NOT SHED A TEAR (praying I didn't just jinx it)
He weighed 17lbs, which did not surprise me at all... I feel every pound of that as I carry him in his carseat.
I have definitely noticed a HUGE growth spurt in our little boy this month!

99th percentile - Height
70th percentile - Weight

The doctor noted that Oliver is very "alert and curious for his age"
And yes, I would agree.
He wants to be very involved and active in just about every area of life.
I cannot believe how distinct each baby comes.
He most certainly has a little spit fire personality and keeps us constantly laughing.

Breaking news.
We have finally established a routine.
It still isn't perfect... definitely still up at night- but hey it is progress.
I can see how it is benefiting him as we continue to develop our routine.
Wake Up - 7:00 am
4 Daytime Naps (9, 12, 3, and a short cat nap at 5)
Bedtime - 8:00 pm
Nighttime feedings - 1 am & 5 am

He still loves bath time and loves when we hold him in the water.
He frantically kicks is legs and arms like it is going out of style.
Nothing puts a grin on that little boy's face like a big tub of water.

Oliver started flipping over from his back to stomach half way through the month.
I swear I almost had a heart attack when it happened.
Now I am used to it as it happens several times a day as he is playing.
He has no idea what to do once he has turned over ... he usually starts crying after a few minutes.
I am convinced he just wants to move so bad.

Oliver still thinks Mom and Dad are the funniest people in the world.
I'll be sure to remind him of that when he is 15.
He loves when I slowly say, "I'm going to get you" and then tickle him.
He thinks its hysterical.

He is a huge mama's boy.
Sure, it is nice to know he loves me.
But I really want him to show other people how fun he is too.
He is a wild child at home but when he is around other people he gets shy and reserved -
stranger danger setting in?
I worry that with Brett's hours he may cling to me more than him 
so I am trying to let them be together as much as possible on the weekends.

Brett definitely lights up Oliver's world.
Whenever he is home, Oliver finds his voice and locks his eyes on him.
I have never seen anything quite like it.
He adores that man and especially loves when he lays on the ground to play with him.

I tell you what -
we are two very smitten first time parents.
I can say that the jump from 3-4 months was the most significant thus far.
He is definitely more active and involved with us.

Oh Oliver,
we sure do love those bright eyes and beaming grin.
We are soaking in every second and love watching you explore your new world.

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  1. Thanks for the updates.
    Oliver is really cute and you seem like a really happy mama!