St. Patrick's Day Thinking of You

What better of a time of year than St. Patty's to remind the people around you how "LUCKY" 
you are to have them in your life!?
With the holiday rolling around the corner next week, I decided to make some cute little tags!
They are really simple and could easily be attached to a a treat bag or used for a card!
(I chose to attach the card to a bag filled with golden coins - seen above)

I have made a few variations of the card to fit your needs!
There are three specifically for RS Presidency, YW Leaders, and a Primary Presidency!
The last version of the card is more generic and could be 
given to someone you visit teach, a family member, or friend!
(IE: relief society presidency, visiting teacher, etc.)

Hope you enjoy sharing a little extra love this St. Patrick's Day with this free printable!

1 comment:

  1. I just want to say you have the cutest stuff!!! And you have saved me many times when I'm in a bind and need something cute! Thank you THANK YOU!!!