Young Women Activity: A Girl's Guide Away From Home

We recently had a really fun Laurel activity that I thought I would share!

Our Laurels decided they wanted to have an activity to learn about meal planning.
A few of them are going to be graduating soon and will be off to college (sniff, sniff) 
and thought it would be a valuable skill to know.

I'll be honest, as I racked my brain at how we could go about teaching this skill I was totally stumped!
There is SO much you could teach to the girls - but seriously how do you do it in an hour!?
As I sat thinking about my own meal planning and college experience, 
I thought about the many times I would frantically call up my mom for help as 
I was trying to cook something new or needed help while I was out grocery shopping.

Oh, I can just hear it now...
"Mom! What is the recipe for....?"
"Mom! It's burning! What do I do now!?"
"Mom! How do I know which pineapple/oranges/avocados are ripe!?"
"Mom! How am I going to survive on just Ramen noodles!?"

Anyways, this sparked the idea of creating a little index card holder for the Laurels titled, 


The idea was to create a card holder for the girls to keep all their favorite recipes as well as tips from mom!
Each girl brought 3 of their favorite recipes to the activity to exchange and we made these cute little flip books.

I created labels and space to keep their favorite recipes organized, 
and at the back some simple tips to help the girls with things like, 

"How to plan healthy meals on a budget"
"How to pick a good one (produce)"
"Affordable food items under $2.00"

The cards were held together on a metal ring so it would be easy to access 
(also more cost effective than a binder).
It was designed to fit standard index cards, so the idea is that the girls can continue to easily add to it over time!

The girls honestly had such a blast with it, and even wanted to have another activity where
they brought back their "guides" and swapped recipes again!

Attached below are some of the printable we used for the activity!
Feel free to share and use any ideas!


  1. Thank you! I appreciate you sharing your talent!

  2. what a great idea--thanks for sharing!

  3. This is awesome, thank you! A guy's guide would be great, too, for those young men heading out into the world.

  4. Muy lindas ideas! Podrías hacer algo en español? Muchas gracias!

  5. Muy lindas ideas! Podrías hacer alguna en español? Muchas gracias!

  6. Perfect! We got a gal from our ward that has a catering job to teach the girls some basic skills & recipes, and then along with your great printables, we collected recipes from mom's, past and present YW leaders and ladies from the ward to give to our Laurel's. Crossing fingers it all goes well tonight! Thank you for your darling, creative eye and willingness to share with all. It blesses so many lives!

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