Young Women Activity : Project Runway Challenge

Last night we had such a fun young women activity that I thought I would share!
I did a similar activity in my previous ward that you can read about here!

This time around I decided to add a little to the activity including "mad libs" and "challenge categories"!
It was such a blast and we all shared a lot of laughs! 

I have created some fun printables to go along with the activity!
Feel free to share and use any ideas!

You can download a PDF copy of the printables by clicking on the links below.
I only provide PDF files, as the quality is much better for printing purposes
and I prefer the integrity of the designs not be changed or altered. Thanks for your understanding! 

We started by splitting the young women into five teams.
Each girl selected a bag which contained random supplies inside 
and a "challenge category" (see categories below) taped to the front of the bag.

(some of the random supplies included tissue paper, toilet paper, die-cuts, paper plates, 
streamers, ribbon, garbage bags, markers, etc.)

The girls had 30 minutes to design a head to toe MODEST ensemble inspired by their "challenge category". 
Depending on the size of the team they had to make either 1 or 2 modest ensembles.
The girls quickly worked together to make their modest visions a reality!
We had five different categories for each of the teams (as seen above)!
At the beginning of the activity I had printed off these cards and stuck them to the front of white paper bags
that contained all of the random materials the girls would be using to make their modest designs!

Also in each bag was a "mad lib" for their category that they had to fill out for their design.
After the girls had completed their "looks" and filled out their category "mad libs", they walked the runway!

As the girls modeled and showed off their modest designs we would read the "mad libs".
The mad libs gave a description of the girl's masterpiece!
Some of them turned out super funny and we definitely all got a laugh!

Each category had it's own "mad lib" and two possible descriptions 
(had two descriptions in case a group was making two dresses - again depended on the size of the team).
The girls filled out the blanks prior to the runway show, 
and we read the descriptions as they walked down the runway.

This is just a simple printable poster that I hung on the board above the bags at the beginning of the activity.

At the end of the activity, we cam together for a couple minutes and I shared a spiritual thought on modesty.
My thought was based on the talk given by Sister Dalton found here 
We sent home this small treat with the girls as a reminder of the activity and the importance of modesty!
The handout was a small bag of starbursts and a handout titled "Arise and SHINE" (see below)

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  1. SO adorable! :) And I love the new look of your blog. Beautiful!

  2. I would love to see pics from the activity

  3. Just wanted to shout out to you a big THANK YOU for all the awesome ideas you share with all of us. We used the Diamonds in the Rough for our New Beginnings last night, it was so beautiful! Thank you for all the fun docs you create that correspond with Sunday lessons too, thank you thank you thank you for sharing your talents with us and letting us all partake of it too!!!

    Vicky T

  4. These are adorable! I've done the project runway activity multiple times over the last 6 years, but you put a new twist on it with the mad libs! Thanks for doing this!!

  5. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share with the rest of us "graphically and electronically-challenged" YW leaders! I'm so grateful for your creativity!

  6. thank you for this idea! i found it on pinterest and it's a lifesaver! my beehives really wanted to do a fashion show out of tissue paper and i was stumped as to the structure and layout of the night.

  7. Courtney, thank you for sharing this brilliant idea! I was inspired by your ideas and made little tweaks to personalize it, but it was an absolute success! Every one enjoyed the night and was reminded of the importance of modesty.

    1. Do you mind sharing what tweaks you made? I'm hoping to do this with my young women :) Did you keep your 5 groups in the same room? Or did you have them disperse into diff. rooms so it'd be more of a surprise for everyone else? Thanks!