2017 LDS Primary Theme

It's that wonderful time of year again! The time where we get to prepare for a new theme in Primary!
Is anyone else as excited as I am for the new 2017 Primary theme, "Choose the Right"? 

To get you all ready for the new year, I have come up with 

Whether you are serving in Primary or are a parent / grandparent to a Primary aged child, below is a list of suggestions and ways you can get your children excited about this year's Primary theme!

But before we get started, I have some SERIOUSLY exciting news to share! Recently I began teaming up with one of my all-time FAVORITE LDS bloggers and designer, Shannon Foster from The Red Headed Hostess. Guys, she is seriously ammmmazing and if you haven't checked out her teaching helps and website, you MUST!

Together we will be collaborating throughout the year to bring YOU and your ward 

We are talking about a TON of ideas here including:

Stay tuned or follow this AWESOME Pinterest Board for updates! 

Okay, now to get started with the 15 LDS Primary Theme Tips and Helps for 2017... I have included everything from FHE ideas to sharing time lessons! I have even divided them into categories for you including ...

8 Ways to Implement the 2017 LDS Primary Theme At-Home 
5 Primary Presidency Helps and Ideas
2 Primary Teacher Helps and Suggestions

Are you ready to get started?!   Let’s begin with…

8 At-Home Primary Ideas for Families

 Most of the ideas below are taken from the incredible 

Everything in this kit was designed to help you as a parent / grandparent teach your child the importance of choosing the right. This 2017 Primary Theme Family Pack will help you to emphasize the gospel principles your child will be learning in Primary this year!

Get your family EXCITED about the 2017 LDS Primary theme with this awesome family home evening idea! 
This FHE is FILLED with learning activities your family will love including searching for CTR clues, 
playing games, setting goals, and singing songs!

Your kids are going to LOVE this Choose the Right Matching Game! This activity was designed to help your children to become familiar with the 2017 LDS Primary monthly themes and scriptures. 

Surprise your children with these meaningful Choose the Right Lunch Box Notes! Included is 8 different (DARLING) notes that will encourage your child to make good choices! Just drop a little note in their lunch for a fun surprise they are guaranteed to love!

Dinner time can be a wonderful time for busy families to connect with conversation, but sometimes those conversations need a little kick-start! To help you achieve quality conversation, we have come up with OVER 100 table topic discussions based on this year's Primary theme, "Choose the Right".
Make learning the Articles of Faith fun with this awesome teaching pack! 
This kit is great for memorization or family home evening!

This fun game is designed to help your children become familiar with the 2017 LDS Primary monthly themes! 
The great thing about the activity is it can be played over and over again!

This Choose the Right Activity Place Mat is a GREAT way to not only keep
 your children occupied while you cook, but is also a great teaching tool! Win, win! 
These CTR "Open When" Letters are a sweet sentiment and great way to 
show your kids some love and encouragement throughout the year! 

5 LDS Primary Presidency Helps and Ideas

These ideas are they PERFECT way to help you stayed organized as a Primary presidency this upcoming year!

One of the things I am the MOST excited to offer this upcoming year is 2017 Primary sharing time lesson packs! If you are looking for effective visuals and learning activities, we have everything you need! Check out our weekly Sharing Time ideas which include Primary games, learning activities, and wonderful illustrations!

This 2017 LDS Primary Birthday Kit contains easy-to-print items to help you celebrate the birthdays of each Primary child! You will LOVE the variety of ideas we have included!

This Articles of Faith Pack is perfect for Primary 2017! It includes everything you need to get your Primary children excited to learn about the Articles of Faith. Use our teaching aids, punch cards, and more to help with memorization!  
Use these effective visuals and illustrations to get your Primary children excited about the 2017 Primary theme! This 2017 LDS Primary Theme Bulletin Board Pack includes over 50 pieces to help you decorate this year! These gorgeous printables are the PERFECT way to brighten your Primary room! 

We are not exaggerating when we say THIS PLANNER HAS IT ALL! With over 80 pages of organizational printables for Primary 2017 you will appreciate all that this pack has to offer! Check out the link above for even more details!

 LDS Primary Teacher Helps and Ideas

These ideas were designed to help you as a Primary teacher during the year of 2017!
We will be releasing WEEKLY Primary Lesson Packs for ALL CLASSES! Yes, you read that right, ALL CLASSES (sunbeams, junior Primary, AND senior Primary). These well-thought-out kits are filled with amazing lesson activities, illustrations, teaching suggestions and MORE!
Celebrate the birthdays in your class with these FUN ideas! We have come up with a variety of birthday options all centered on the 2017 LDS Primary theme, Choose the Right!


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