Primary Teaching Ideas - Choose the Right B: Lesson 1

One of my ALL-TIME favorite callings has been the opportunity to serve as a Primary worker!
There is such a unique and special spirit in Primary, and I always feel as thought the children teach me much more than I teach them. 

If you are looking for effective visuals, teaching tips and meaningful learning activities for your next Primary lesson, look no further! In case you haven't heard, I teamed up with the seriously talented Shannon Foster, from The Red Headed Hostess to bring you some awesome teaching helps and ideas!

Today I wanted to highlight a teaching kit we created for the Primary manual, 

As a side note, if you are looking for other teaching ideas like Doctrine and Covenant lesson helps or Sharing Time teaching suggestions click on the link below! We are releasing weekly lesson ideas for Primary 2017!

For this particular lesson titled, "Choose the Right", we have included 7 awesome teaching helps designed to help you get your Primary class engaged and excited to learn!

There are 22 PAGES (Yes you read that right, 22 pages!) of great teaching ideas and suggestions to compliment the teachings found in the lesson manual. 

 One activity your Primary class will love is the Choose the Right Board Game! The game is simple enough that any aged child can play. This CTR game will provide your class with opportunities to think and share their own experiences choosing the right! 

One of the other favorite things we have included in this Primary teaching package is the CTR 7-Day Challenge Flip Book. This darling printable book will encourage your class to write/draw one thing they do to choose the right each day (for 7 days). 

These fun activities are not the only things included in this Primary Teaching Kit! It is jam packed with visual aids, take-home helps, etc. For more images and details about this Choose the Right Lesson, CLICK HERE!


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