2017 Primary Sharing Time: Jesus Christ Created the Earth as a Place Where I Can Choose the Right (January Week 4)

I am now creating 2017 LDS Primary Sharing Time Teaching Packages! If you know me well, you know that I have a great love for the Primary program. It has been such a joy to study, learn, and create additional teaching materials for Primary 2017!
If you are looking for effective visuals, teaching tips, and meaningful learning activities for your next sharing time lesson, look no further! We have EVERYTHING you need here!
This Primary Sharing Time Teaching Kit includes over 30 pages of helpful suggestions. It is designed specifically for the lesson, 

Also, just as a reminder! Recently I began teaming up with one of my all-time FAVORITE LDS bloggers and designer, Shannon Foster from The Red Headed Hostess. Guys, she is seriously ammmmazing and if you haven't checked out her teaching helps and website, you MUST!
 Together we will be collaborating throughout the year to bring YOU and your ward 
We are talking about a TON of ideas here including:
Stay tuned or follow this AWESOME Pinterest Board for updates!

Now, back to our AWESOME January sharing time idea! What's included you might ask?
Well, each of our 2017 LDS Primary Sharing Time Kits include meaningful Primary games, learning activities, helpful teaching suggestions, and beautiful visuals and illustrations. 

In this particular lesson for the Primary children will be teaching each other about The Creation! We have created this great Creation Coloring Wheel activity to help the children get engaged in the scriptures and learning about how Jesus created a place where they can learn to choose the right.
This fun activity isn't the only thing we have included in this pack! It is jam packed with teaching helps, visuals, take-home helps, etc! For more images and details of this 2017 LDS Primary Sharing Time kit, CLICK HERE!

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