2017 Primary Sharing Time: Jesus's Disciples were Blessed for Choosing the Right (February Week 2)

It has been such a joy creating LDS Primary Sharing Time helps for this year's curriculum.
I am especially excited about this week's sharing time lesson!
As I mentioned last week, this month in Sharing Time 
we will be focusing on how are blessed when we choose the right.
This week the Primary children will be learning how
 I have put together this Primary Sharing Time Teaching Kit which 
includes over 20 pages of helpful suggestions.

If you are looking for effective visuals, teaching tips, and meaningful learning activities for your next sharing time lesson, look no further! We have EVERYTHING you need here!
Just a reminder if you are looking for 
EVEN MORE LDS Primary ideas, 
Each week we are releasing MORE and MORE ideas!

Now, back to our AWESOME February Sharing Time idea! What's included you might ask?
Well, each of our 2017 LDS Primary Sharing Time Kits include meaningful Primary games, effective visuals, learning activities, and helpful teaching ideas and suggestions! 

In this particular Primary sharing time lesson the children will receive three special delivery packages! Inside each package is a person from the Bible and their story about how they were blessed for choosing the right! 

 We have created this great coloring activity to help your Primary children make meaningful connections! Have them create these fun finger puppets to retell their families what they learned in Primary! 

This fun activity isn't the only thing we have included in this pack! It is jam packed with teaching helps, visuals, take-home helps, etc! For more images and details of this 2017 LDS Primary Sharing Time kit, CLICK HERE!



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