All About Us

Hello friends! We are Brett and Courtney Aitken from the happy valley Utah. Thanks so much for visiting our blog! About 2 years ago we realized there were so many simple moments that were passing  us by and being forgotten. That is when we decided to start this here blog and begin documenting our lives. 

You should know something about us...We LOVE life. We have found so much joy and happiness in discovering our own path and  journey. That's not to say that our lives are picture perfect, because simply put--- they aren't. We have struggles and challenges that we encounter on a daily basis and sometimes it is all too easy for us to get caught up hustle and bustle of life. It has been our goal to always live one day at a time, and instead focusing on the negative, always find the simple and sweet moments in life. 

That is what we hoped to capture when we started our blog--- all the happy and simple moments. 

So here we are...2 years after being in the blogging world and we could not be more grateful. It is so fun for us to look back and see how much we have grown. It is amazing to see the people who have come into our lives and blessed us. It is wonderful to remember the simple times and tender mercies in our lives. 

We thank you again for visiting and hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about our simple lives. Feel free to follow along!

are best friends who happened to be married. They wrote letters for 2.5 years while the both served LDS missions. They were married in August, 2010 and even after 3 years, are still lucky in love. He brings out the sweetness in her and she brings out silliness in him. They have a love for traveling and take every chance they have to travel this amazing world. They spend way too much time eating out, taking drives, laughing at each other's quirks.. They have just purchased there first home in Goodyear, AZ. They are expecting their first baby in November, 2013!

loves anything that involves football, basketball, basically anything sports. He studied accounting at BYU, and graduated with his Masters in April 2013. He dominates taxes by day and is a family man by night. His laugh is the greatest laugh you'll ever hear. He is a neat freak and loves organization and could eat endless amounts of chocolate. He has one of the most tender hearts you will ever find and is constantly looking for opportunities to help and serve others. 

loves anything that sparks her creativity; interior design, DIY's, baking, sewing, and as of late graphic design. She is a total TV junkie [Downton Abbey, Grey's Anatomy, Duck Dynasty] , a pro at shopping & could sleep for days. She finds no greater happiness than being surround by family.